Michał Jachura
Michał Jachura
Senior Scientist, Centre of New Technologies
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Bandwidth manipulation of quantum light by an electro-optic time lens
M Karpiński, M Jachura, LJ Wright, BJ Smith
Nature Photonics, 11, 53–57 (2017), 2016
Hologram of a Single Photon
R Chrapkiewicz, M Jachura, K Banaszek, W Wasilewski
Nature Photonics, 10, 576–579 (2016), 2015
Shot-by-shot imaging of Hong–Ou–Mandel interference with an intensified sCMOS camera
M Jachura, R Chrapkiewicz
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Mode engineering for realistic quantum-enhanced interferometry
M Jachura, R Chrapkiewicz, R Demkowicz-Dobrzański, W Wasilewski, ...
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High-visibility nonclassical interference of photon pairs generated in a multimode nonlinear waveguide
M Jachura, M Karpiński, C Radzewicz, K Banaszek
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Bright integrated photon-pair source for practical passive decoy-state quantum key distribution
S Krapick, MS Stefszky, M Jachura, B Brecht, M Avenhaus, C Silberhorn
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Quantum limits in optical communications
K Banaszek, L Kunz, M Jachura, M Jarzyna
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Quantum memory receiver for superadditive communication using binary coherent states
A Klimek, M Jachura, W Wasilewski, K Banaszek
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Structured optical receivers for efficient deep-space communication
K Banaszek, M Jachura
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Quantum fingerprinting using two-photon interference
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Visibility-based hypothesis testing using higher-order optical interference
M Jachura, M Jarzyna, M Lipka, W Wasilewski, K Banaszek
Physical review letters 120 (11), 110502, 2018
Scheme for on-chip verification of transverse mode entanglement using the electro-optic effect
D Bharadwaj, K Thyagarajan, M Jachura, M Karpiński, K Banaszek
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Generation and characterization of discrete spatial entanglement in multimode nonlinear waveguides
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Measurement of radio-frequency temporal phase modulation using spectral interferometry
M Jachura, J Szczepanek, W Wasilewski, M Karpiński
Journal of Modern Optics 65 (3), 262-267, 2018
Photon-efficient communication based on BPSK modulation with multistage interferometric receivers
W Zwoliński, M Jarzyna, L Kunz, M Jachura, K Banaszek
2020 European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC), 1-4, 2020
Receiver for receiving information transmitted using very weak light pulses, a system for transmitting information comprising such a receiver and a method for transmitting …
K Banaszek, M Jachura
US Patent 11,139,897, 2021
Photon-efficient quantum key distribution using multiqubit time-bin encoding
M Jachura, M Jarzyna, M Pawłowski, K Banaszek
International Conference on Space Optics—ICSO 2020 11852, 118525J, 2021
Scalable interferometric receiver for photon-efficient quantum communication
M Jachura, M Jarzyna, M Pawłowski, K Banaszek
Quantum 2.0, QTh5A. 3, 2020
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