Gottfried Kirchengast
Gottfried Kirchengast
Professor of Geophysics (Alfred Wegener's Chair), University of Graz
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Inversion, error analysis, and validation of GPS/MET occultation data
AK Steiner, G Kirchengast, HP Ladreiter
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The concerns of the young protesters are justified: A statement by Scientists for Future concerning the protests for more climate protection
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The CIRA-86aQ_UoG model: An extension of the CIRA-86 monthly tables including humidity tables and a Fortran 95 global moist air climatology model
G Kirchengast
Eur. Space Agency, IMG/UoG, 1999
The gravity wave-TID relationship: Insight via theoretical model—EISCAT data comparison
G Kirchengast, K Hocke, K Schlegel
Journal of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics 58 (1-4), 233-243, 1996
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