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Roberto Barbieri
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Tectonically-driven mud volcanism since the late Pliocene on the Calabrian accretionary prism, central Mediterranean Sea
D Praeg, S Ceramicola, R Barbieri, V Unnithan, N Wardell
Marine and Petroleum Geology 26 (9), 1849-1865, 2009
From black-and-white to colour in the Silurian
A Ferretti, B Cavalazzi, R Barbieri, F Westall, F Foucher, R Todesco
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B Cavalazzi, R Barbieri, GG Ori
Sedimentary Geology 200 (1-2), 73-88, 2007
Planning for Mars returned sample science: final report of the MSR End-to-End International Science Analysis Group (E2E-iSAG)
SM McLennan, MA Sephton, C Allen, AC Allwood, R Barbieri, DW Beaty, ...
Mary Ann Liebert Inc., 2012
Microbial signatures in sabkha evaporite deposits of Chott el Gharsa (Tunisia) and their astrobiological implications
R Barbieri, N Stivaletta, L Marinangeli, GG Ori
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Microbial fabrics from Neogene cold seep carbonates, Northern Apennine, Italy
R Barbieri, B Cavalazzi
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R Barbieri, GG Ori, B Cavalazzi
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Iron-framboids in the hydrocarbon-related Middle Devonian Hollard Mound of the Anti-Atlas mountain range in Morocco: Evidence of potential microbial biosignatures
B Cavalazzi, R Barbieri, SL Cady, AD George, S Gennaro, F Westall, ...
Sedimentary Geology 263, 183-193, 2012
Cold-water coral mounds on the Pen Duick Escarpment, Gulf of Cadiz: The MiCROSYSTEMS project approach
D Van Rooij, D Blamart, L De Mol, F Mienis, H Pirlet, LM Wehrmann, ...
Marine Geology 282 (1-2), 102-117, 2011
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N Stivaletta, R Barbieri
Journal of Arid Environments 73 (1), 33-39, 2009
Microbial colonization of the salt deposits in the driest place of the Atacama Desert (Chile)
N Stivaletta, R Barbieri, D Billi
Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres 42 (2), 187-200, 2012
The Dallol geothermal area, Northern Afar (Ethiopia)—An exceptional planetary field analog on Earth
B Cavalazzi, R Barbieri, F Gómez, B Capaccioni, K Olsson-Francis, ...
Astrobiology 19 (4), 553-578, 2019
Benthic foraminifera from a recent, shallow-water hydrothermal environment in the Aeolian Arc (Tyrrhenian Sea)
G Panieri, F Gamberi, M Marani, R Barbieri
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How are benthic foraminiferal faunas influenced by cold seeps? Evidence from the Miocene of Italy
R Barbieri, G Panieri
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N Stivaletta, P López-García, L Boihem, DF Millie, R Barbieri
Geomicrobiology journal 27 (1), 101-110, 2010
Neogene palaeoenvironmental evolution in the Atlantic side of the Rifian Corridor (Morocco)
R Barbieri, GG Ori
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 163 (1-2), 1-31, 2000
Coastal response to climate change: Mediterranean shorelines during the Last Interglacial (MIS 5)
B Mauz, F Fanelli, N Elmejdoub, R Barbieri
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B Cavalazzi, F Westall, SL Cady, R Barbieri, F Foucher
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Continental evaporites and the search for evidence of life on Mars
R Barbieri, N Stivaletta
Geological Journal 46 (6), 513-524, 2011
Foraminiferal distribution and palaeoecological interpretation of the Eocene–Miocene carbonates at Al Jabal al Akhdar (northeast Libya)
EO Abdulsamad, R Barbieri
Journal of Micropalaeontology 18 (1), 45-65, 1999
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