Prof. Naim Dahnoun
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
A novel system for robust lane detection and tracking
Y Wang, N Dahnoun, A Achim
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Multiple Lane Detection Algorithm Based on Novel Dense Vanishing Point Estimation
U Ozgunalp, R Fan, X Ai, N Dahnoun
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N Dahnoun
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Z Zhang, X Ai, CK Chan, N Dahnoun
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A review of new time-to-digital conversion techniques
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High-resolution random-modulation cw lidar
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UV-disparity based obstacle detection with 3D camera and steerable filter
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U Ozgunalp, N Dahnoun
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A comparison study of 2D and 3D ITU channel model
R Almesaeed, AS Ameen, A Doufexi, N Dahnoun, AR Nix
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High precision human detection and tracking using millimeter-wave radars
H Cui, N Dahnoun
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Real-time pothole detection on TMS320C6678 DSP
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Obstacle detection using U-disparity on quadratic road surfaces
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Multicore DSP: from algorithms to real-time implementation on the TMS320C66x SoC
N Dahnoun
John Wiley & Sons, 2018
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