A.H. Alamoodi
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Role of biological data mining and machine learning techniques in detecting and diagnosing the novel coronavirus (COVID-19): a systematic review
AS Albahri, RA Hamid, ZT Al-qays, AA Zaidan, BB Zaidan, AOS Albahri, ...
Journal of medical systems 44 (7), 1-11, 2020
Systematic review of artificial intelligence techniques in the detection and classification of COVID-19 medical images in terms of evaluation and benchmarking: Taxonomy …
OS Albahri, AA Zaidan, AS Albahri, BB Zaidan, KH Abdulkareem, ...
Journal of infection and public health 13 (10), 1381-1396, 2020
Sentiment analysis and its applications in fighting COVID-19 and infectious diseases: A systematic review
AH Alamoodi, BB Zaidan, AA Zaidan, OS Albahri, KI Mohammed, ...
Expert systems with applications 167, 114155, 2021
Smart home-based IoT for real-time and secure remote health monitoring of triage and priority system using body sensors: Multi-driven systematic review
M Talal, AA Zaidan, BB Zaidan, AS Albahri, AH Alamoodi, OS Albahri, ...
Journal of medical systems 43 (3), 1-34, 2019
IoT-based telemedicine for disease prevention and health promotion: State-of-the-Art
AS Albahri, JK Alwan, ZK Taha, SF Ismail, RA Hamid, AA Zaidan, ...
Journal of Network and Computer Applications 173, 102873, 2021
Fault-tolerant mHealth framework in the context of IoT-based real-time wearable health data sensors
OS Albahri, AS Albahri, AA Zaidan, BB Zaidan, MA Alsalem, AH Mohsin, ...
IEEE Access 7, 50052-50080, 2019
Based multiple heterogeneous wearable sensors: A smart real-time health monitoring structured for hospitals distributor
AS Albahri, OS Albahri, AA Zaidan, BB Zaidan, M Hashim, MA Alsalem, ...
IEEE access 7, 37269-37323, 2019
Helping doctors hasten COVID-19 treatment: Towards a rescue framework for the transfusion of best convalescent plasma to the most critical patients based on biological …
OS Albahri, JR Al-Obaidi, AA Zaidan, AS Albahri, BB Zaidan, MM Salih, ...
Computer methods and programs in biomedicine 196, 105617, 2020
Comprehensive review and analysis of anti-malware apps for smartphones
M Talal, AA Zaidan, BB Zaidan, OS Albahri, MA Alsalem, AS Albahri, ...
Telecommunication Systems 72 (2), 285-337, 2019
Multi-biological laboratory examination framework for the prioritization of patients with COVID-19 based on integrated AHP and group VIKOR methods
AS Albahri, JR Al-Obaidi, AA Zaidan, OS Albahri, RA Hamid, BB Zaidan, ...
International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making 19 (05 …, 2020
Multiclass benchmarking framework for automated acute Leukaemia detection and classification based on BWM and group-VIKOR
MA Alsalem, AA Zaidan, BB Zaidan, OS Albahri, AH Alamoodi, AS Albahri, ...
Journal of medical systems 43 (7), 1-32, 2019
Multi-criteria evaluation and benchmarking for young learners’ English language mobile applications in terms of LSRW skills
NK Ibrahim, H Hammed, AA Zaidan, BB Zaidan, OS Albahri, MA Alsalem, ...
IEEE Access 7, 146620-146651, 2019
How smart is e-tourism? A systematic review of smart tourism recommendation system applying data management
RA Hamid, AS Albahri, JK Alwan, ZT Al-Qaysi, OS Albahri, AA Zaidan, ...
Computer Science Review 39, 100337, 2021
A uniform intelligent prioritisation for solving diverse and big data generated from multiple chronic diseases patients based on hybrid decision-making and voting method
KI Mohammed, J Jaafar, AA Zaidan, OS Albahri, BB Zaidan, ...
IEEE Access 8, 91521-91530, 2020
Finger vein biometrics: taxonomy analysis, open challenges, future directions, and recommended solution for decentralised network architectures
AH Mohsin, AA Zaidan, BB Zaidan, OS Albahri, SAB Ariffin, A Alemran, ...
Ieee Access 8, 9821-9845, 2020
mHealth authentication approach based 3D touchscreen and microphone sensors for real-time remote healthcare monitoring system: comprehensive review, open issues and …
ML Shuwandy, BB Zaidan, AA Zaidan, AS Albahri, AH Alamoodi, ...
Computer Science Review 38, 100300, 2020
A systematic review into the assessment of medical apps: motivations, challenges, recommendations and methodological aspect
AH Alamoodi, S Garfan, BB Zaidan, AA Zaidan, ML Shuwandy, M Alaa, ...
Health and Technology 10 (5), 1045-1061, 2020
Interval type 2 trapezoidal‐fuzzy weighted with zero inconsistency combined with VIKOR for evaluating smart e‐tourism applications
E Krishnan, R Mohammed, A Alnoor, OS Albahri, AA Zaidan, H Alsattar, ...
International Journal of Intelligent Systems 36 (9), 4723-4774, 2021
New method of image steganography based on particle swarm optimization algorithm in spatial domain for high embedding capacity
AH Mohsin, AA Zaidan, BB Zaidan, OS Albahri, AS Albahri, MA Alsalem, ...
IEEE Access 7, 168994-169010, 2019
Integration of fuzzy-weighted zero-inconsistency and fuzzy decision by opinion score methods under a q-rung orthopair environment: a distribution case study of COVID-19 vaccine …
AS Albahri, OS Albahri, AA Zaidan, A Alnoor, HA Alsattar, R Mohammed, ...
Computer Standards & Interfaces 80, 103572, 2022
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