Andrzej Paszkiewicz
Andrzej Paszkiewicz
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Methodology of implementing virtual reality in education for industry 4.0
A Paszkiewicz, M Salach, P Dymora, M Bolanowski, G Budzik, P Kubiak
Sustainability 13 (9), 5049, 2021
Methodology for the quality control process of additive manufacturing products made of polymer materials
G Budzik, J Woźniak, A Paszkiewicz, Ł Przeszłowski, T Dziubek, M Dębski
Materials 14 (9), 2202, 2021
An analysis of the casting polymer mold wear manufactured using polyjet method based on the measurement of the surface topography
P Turek, G Budzik, J Sęp, M Oleksy, J Józwik, Ł Przeszłowski, ...
Polymers 12 (12), 3029, 2020
Process of creating an integrated design and manufacturing environment as part of the structure of industry 4.0
A Paszkiewicz, M Bolanowski, G Budzik, Ł Przeszłowski, M Oleksy
Processes 8 (9), 1019, 2020
Analysis of possible SDN use in the rapid prototyping process as part of the Industry 4.0
D Mazur, A Paszkiewicz, M Bolanowski, G Budzik, M Oleksy
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences: Technical Sciences, 21-30-21-30, 2019
Industry 4.0 Part I. Selected applications in processing of polymer materials.
M Oleksy, G Budzik, A Sanocka-Zajdel, A Paszkiewicz, M Bolanowski, ...
Polimery 63, 2018
VR education support system—A case study of digital circuits design
A Paszkiewicz, M Salach, D Strzałka, G Budzik, A Nikodem, H Wójcik, ...
Energies 15 (1), 277, 2021
Performance analysis of selected programming languages in the context of supporting decision-making processes for industry 4.0
P Dymora, A Paszkiewicz
Applied Sciences 10 (23), 8521, 2020
The use of statistical signatures to detect anomalies in computer network
M Bolanowski, A Paszkiewicz
Analysis and Simulation of Electrical and Computer Systems, 251-260, 2015
Eficiency of REST and gRPC realizing communication tasks in microservice-based ecosystems
M Bolanowski, K Żak, A Paszkiewicz, M Ganzha, M Paprzycki, P Sowiński, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2208.00682, 2022
Wireless networks environment and complex networks
F Grabowski, A Paszkiewicz, M Bolanowski
Analysis and Simulation of Electrical and Computer Systems, 261-270, 2015
Torsional strength tests of spline connections made of polymer materials (Rapid communication)
M Oleksy, R Oliwa, K Bulanda, G Budzik, Ł Przeszłowski, M Magniszewski, ...
Polimery 66 (1), 52-55, 2021
The use of the Circular Hough Transform for counting coins
Z Gomółka, E Żesławska, B Twaróg, A Paszkiewicz
Measurement Automation Monitoring 61, 2015
Responsiveness of the sensor network to alarm events based on the Potts model
A Paszkiewicz, J Węgrzyn
Sensors 20 (23), 6979, 2020
Methods and Means of Creation Application to Control a Complex Network Environment
M Bolanowski, A Paszkiewicz
Software Engineering Research for the Practice, Polish Information …, 2017
Computer networks as complex systems in nonextensive approach
F Grabowski, A Paszkiewicz, M Bolanowski
Journal of Applied Computer Science 21 (2), 31-44, 2013
Some models of chaotic motion of particles and their application to cryptography
J Szczepański, K Górski, Z Kotulski, A Paszkiewicz, A Zugaj
Archives of Mechanics 51 (3-4), 509-528, 1999
Network load balancing for edge-cloud continuum ecosystems
A Paszkiewicz, M Bolanowski, C Ćwikła, M Ganzha, M Paprzycki, ...
International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 638-651, 2022
Industry 4.0 Part II. Conditions in the area of production technology and architecture of IT system in processing of polymer materials.
M Oleksy, G Budzik, M Bolanowski, A Paszkiewicz
Polimery 64 (5), 2019
An energy aware clustering scheme for 5G-enabled edge computing based IoMT framework
JK Samriya, M Kumar, M Ganzha, M Paprzycki, M Bolanowski, ...
International Conference on Computational Science, 169-176, 2022
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