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Tashyreva Hanna
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Method for determining organic compound concentration in biological systems by permanganate redox titration
О Suslova, V Govorukha, О Brovarskaya, N Matveeva, H Tashyreva, ...
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OS Hanna Tashyreva Oleksandr Tashyrev, Vira Govorukha
Ecological Engineering and Environment Protection 2, 53-62, 2017
The novel comprehensive approach for non-food agricultural and landfill biomass microbial fermentation and biogas production
A Tashyreva, O Tashyrev, I Prytula
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Phylogenetic analysis of bacteria of extreme ecosystems
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Synthesis of melanin pigments by Antarctic black yeast
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Temperature range for growth of the Antarctic microorganisms
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Increase in efficiency of hydrogen production by optimization of food waste fermentation parameters
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Energetika 65 (1), 2019
Integrated Approach for Development of Environmental Biotechnologies for Treatment of Solid Organic Waste and Obtaining of Biohydrogen and Lignocellulosic Substrate
VM Hovorukha, OB Tashyrev, NA Matvieieva, HO Tashyreva, ...
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Producing of molecular hydrogen by association of sporulating microorganisms
NA Matveeva, AS Levishko, IR Pritula, AA Tashireva, PV Rokitko, ...
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Autecology and Taxonomy of Bacteria Isolated from Extreme Environments
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Мікробіологічний журнал, 100-113, 2017
Method of thermodynamic prognosis for new environmental biotechnologies development
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The Novel Comprehensive Approach for Agricultural and Landfill Biomass Microbial Fermentation and Biogas Production
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Application of lignocellulosic substrate obtained after hydrogen dark fermentation of food waste as biofertilizer
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Thermodynamic prediction for development of novel environmental biotechnologies and valuable products from waste obtaining
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Microbiological analysis of terrestrial biotopes of the Antarctic region
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HO Tashyreva, HO Iutyns' ka, OB Tashyrev
Mikrobiolohichnyi Zhurnal (Kiev, Ukraine: 1993) 71 (4), 3-8, 2009
The biophysical model and experimental observation of strong inhibition activity of water activated with the help of MRET process
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Occurrence of Cu²⁺-resistant microorganisms on Antarctic island Galindez
GO Tashyreva, NA Matveewa, OB Tashyrev
Український антарктичний журнал, 2006
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