Marcin Zajenkowski
Marcin Zajenkowski
Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw
Zweryfikowany adres z psych.uw.edu.pl
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Cytowane przez
Who complies with the restrictions to reduce the spread of COVID-19?: Personality and perceptions of the COVID-19 situation
M Zajenkowski, PK Jonason, M Leniarska, Z Kozakiewicz
Personality and individual differences 166, 110199, 2020
Mind the balance, be contented: Balanced time perspective mediates the relationship between mindfulness and life satisfaction
M Stolarski, J Vowinckel, KS Jankowski, M Zajenkowski
Personality and Individual Differences 93, 27-31, 2016
The Dunning-Kruger effect is (mostly) a statistical artefact: Valid approaches to testing the hypothesis with individual differences data
GE Gignac, M Zajenkowski
Intelligence 80, 101449, 2020
Comprehension of simple quantifiers: Empirical evaluation of a computational model
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Deviation from the balanced time perspective: A systematic review of empirical relationships with psychological variables
M Stolarski, M Zajenkowski, KS Jankowski, K Szymaniak
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No empathy for people nor for God: The relationship between the Dark Triad, religiosity and empathy
P Łowicki, M Zajenkowski
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What makes narcissists unhappy? Subjectively assessed intelligence moderates the relationship between narcissism and psychological well-being
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Time to be smart: Uncovering a complex interplay between intelligence and time perspectives
M Zajenkowski, M Stolarski, O Maciantowicz, M Malesza, J Witowska
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Narcissism between facets and domains. The relationships between two types of narcissism and aspects of the Big Five
M Zajenkowski, K Szymaniak
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Vulnerable and grandiose narcissism are differentially associated with ability and trait emotional intelligence
M Zajenkowski, O Maciantowicz, K Szymaniak, P Urban
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Let's dance–feel better! Mood changes following dancing in different situations
M Zajenkowski, KS Jankowski, D Kołata
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Fluid intelligence as a mediator of the relationship between executive control and balanced time perspective
M Zajenkowski, M Stolarski, J Witowska, O Maciantowicz, P Łowicki
Frontiers in Psychology 7, 222897, 2016
Vulnerable past, grandiose present: The relationship between vulnerable and grandiose narcissism, time perspective and personality
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How does it feel to be a narcissist? Narcissism and emotions
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Handbook of trait narcissism: Key advances, research methods, and …, 2018
The relationship of narcissism with tendency to react with anger and hostility: The roles of neuroticism and emotion regulation ability
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Divine emotions: On the link between emotional intelligence and religious belief
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Is narcissistic anger fueled by neuroticism? The relationship between grandiose and vulnerable narcissism, neuroticism, and trait anger
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What do highly narcissistic people think and feel about (their) intelligence?
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Aggressive? From time to time… uncovering the complex associations between time perspectives and aggression
M Stolarski, M Zajenkowski, A Zajenkowska
Current Psychology 35, 506-515, 2016
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