Matthias Bollhöfer
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
On Large-Scale Diagonalization Techniques for the Anderson Model of Localization
O Schenk, M Bollhöfer, RA Römer
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M Bollhöfer, Y Saad
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M Bollhöfer, Y Notay
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M Bollhöfer
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M Bollhöfer, A Eftekhari, S Scheidegger, O Schenk
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M Bollhöfer
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ILUPACK-preconditioning software package
M Bollhöfer, Y Saad
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JI Aliaga, M Bollhöfer, A Martin, E Quintana-Orti
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Symmetric Inverse-Based Multilevel ILU Preconditioning for Solving Dense Complex Non-Hermitian Systems in Electromagnetics
B Carpentieri, M Bollhöfer
Progress In Electromagnetics Research 128, 55-74, 2012
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