Seyed Mohammad Elahi
Seyed Mohammad Elahi
Professor of physics, science and research Branch, Islamic Azad University
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Electronic and optical properties of 2D graphene-like compounds titanium carbides and nitrides: DFT calculations
H Lashgari, MR Abolhassani, A Boochani, SM Elahi, J Khodadadi
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A genetic algorithm-Taguchi based approach to inventory routing problem of a single perishable product with transshipment
A Azadeh, S Elahi, MH Farahani, B Nasirian
Computers & Industrial Engineering 104, 124-133, 2017
Strain-Induced Modulation of Electron Mobility in Single-Layer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides MX2(, W;, Se)
M Hosseini, M Elahi, M Pourfath, D Esseni
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Structural and optical characterization of ZnO and AZO thin films: the influence of post-annealing
L Dejam, S Mohammad Elahi, HH Nazari, H Elahi, S Solaymani, ...
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AG Shiravizadeh, R Yousefi, SM Elahi, SA Sebt
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Ş Ţălu, M Bramowicz, S Kulesza, S Solaymani, A Ghaderi, L Dejam, ...
Superlattices and Microstructures 93, 109-121, 2016
Green synthesis, formulation and biological evaluation of a novel ZnO nanocarrier loaded with paclitaxel as drug delivery system on MCF-7 cell line
M Akbarian, S Mahjoub, SM Elahi, E Zabihi, H Tashakkorian
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 186, 110686, 2020
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Z Parang, A Keshavarz, S Farahi, SM Elahi, M Ghoranneviss, ...
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Ş Ţălu, S Stach, S Solaymani, R Moradian, A Ghaderi, MR Hantehzadeh, ...
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study of optical absorption and optical band gap determination of thin amorphous TeO2-V2O5-MnO3 blown films
DS M.Elahi
Indian Journal of Pure and applied Physics 44, 468, 2006
Effect of electric field direction and substrate roughness on three-dimensional self-assembly growth of copper oxide nanowires
Ş Ţălu, S Solaymani, M Bramowicz, S Kulesza, A Ghaderi, S Shahpouri, ...
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S Valedbagi, A Fathalian, SM Elahi
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D.Souri,M. Elahi
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Photovoltaic and UV detector applications of ZnS/rGO nanocomposites synthesized by a green method
HR Azimi, M Ghoranneviss, SM Elahi, R Yousefi
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Calculation of half-metal, debye and curie temperatures of Co2VAl compound: first principles study
A Boochani, H Khosravi, J Khodadadi, S Solaymani, MM Sarmazdeh, ...
Communications in Theoretical Physics 63 (5), 641, 2015
Topological nature in cubic phase of perovskite CsPbI3: By DFT
M Afsari, A Boochani, M Hantezadeh, SM Elahi
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Synthesis and optical properties of Co2+-doped ZnO Network prepared by new precursors
F Akhtari, S Zorriasatein, M Farahmandjou, SM Elahi
Materials Research Express 5 (6), 065015, 2018
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