John Bohn
John Bohn
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Cytowane przez
Creation of ultracold molecules from a Fermi gas of atoms
CA Regal, C Ticknor, JL Bohn, DS Jin
Nature 424 (6944), 47-50, 2003
Quantum-state controlled chemical reactions of ultracold potassium-rubidium molecules
S Ospelkaus, KK Ni, D Wang, MHG De Miranda, B Neyenhuis, ...
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HR Sadeghpour, JL Bohn, MJ Cavagnero, BD Esry, II Fabrikant, ...
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M Mayle, G Quéméner, BP Ruzic, JL Bohn
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p-wave Feshbach molecules
JP Gaebler, JT Stewart, JL Bohn, DS Jin
Physical review letters 98 (20), 200403, 2007
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