Anna Banaszkiewicz
Anna Banaszkiewicz
Laboratory of Brain Imaging, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Polish Academy of Sciences
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Prereader to beginning reader: changes induced by reading acquisition in print and speech brain networks
K Chyl, B Kossowski, A Dębska, M Łuniewska, A Banaszkiewicz, ...
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 59 (1), 76-87, 2018
Neural basis of phonological awareness in beginning readers with familial risk of dyslexia—Results from shallow orthography
A Dębska, M Łuniewska, K Chyl, A Banaszkiewicz, A Żelechowska, ...
NeuroImage 132, 406-416, 2016
Letter and speech sound association in emerging readers with familial risk of dyslexia
J Plewko, K Chyl, Ł Bola, M Łuniewska, A Dębska, A Banaszkiewicz, ...
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 12, 393, 2018
Children with dyslexia and familial risk for dyslexia present atypical development of the neuronal phonological network
M Łuniewska, K Chyl, A Dębska, A Banaszkiewicz, A Żelechowska, ...
Frontiers in neuroscience 13, 480770, 2019
Multimodal imaging of brain reorganization in hearing late learners of sign language
A Banaszkiewicz, J Matuszewski, Ł Bola, M Szczepanik, B Kossowski, ...
Human brain mapping 42 (2), 384-397, 2021
Brain plasticity dynamics during tactile Braille learning in sighted subjects: Multi-contrast MRI approach
J Matuszewski, B Kossowski, Ł Bola, A Banaszkiewicz, M Paplińska, ...
NeuroImage 227, 117613, 2021
The role of the superior parietal lobule in lexical processing of sign language: Insights from fMRI and TMS
A Banaszkiewicz, J Matuszewski, M Szczepanik, B Kossowski, ...
Cortex 135, 240-254, 2021
Temporal dynamics of brain white matter plasticity in sighted subjects during tactile braille learning: A longitudinal diffusion tensor imaging study
M Molendowska, J Matuszewski, B Kossowski, Ł Bola, A Banaszkiewicz, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 41 (33), 7076-7085, 2021
Functional reorganization of the reading network in the course of foreign language acquisition
C Kuper, J Matuszewski, A Banaszkiewicz, Ł Bola, M Szczepanik, ...
NeuroImage 226, 117544, 2021
Investigating the role of dIFG and vIFG in top-down and bottom-up influences during phonological and orthographic processing: an effective connectivity study of fMRI in children
N Wagley, A Banaszkiewicz, R Rice, C Plutzer, JR Booth
OSF, 2023
The role of speech reading in skilled visual word processing in hearing children
A Banaszkiewicz, N Wagley, C Plutzer, R Rice, JR Booth
OSF, 2023
The relation of home literacy environment to brain specialization for phonological and semantic processing
A Banaszkiewicz, A Compton, J Wang, JR Booth
OSF, 2022
Multi-modal MRI investigation of brain plasticity during prolonged Braille learning in sighted subjects–voxel-based morphometry and quantitative T1 mapping approach
B Kossowski, J Matuszewski, Ł Bola, A Banaszkiewicz, M Paplińska, ...
fMRI reveals atypical processing of letters and speech sounds in beginning readers at family risk for dyslexia
K Chyl, A Banaszkiewicz, A Dębska, M Łuniewska, A Żelechowska, ...
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