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Tomasz Czech
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Integrated innovative biotechnology for optimization of environmental bioprocesses and a green economy
JW Dobrowolski, D Bedla, T Czech, F Gambuś, K Górecka, W Kiszczak, ...
Optimization and applicability of bioprocesses, 27-71, 2017
Phytostabilization of Zn-Pb ore flotation tailings with Dianthus carthusianorum and Biscutella laevigata after amending with mineral fertilizers or sewage sludge
K Ciarkowska, E Hanus-Fajerska, F Gambuś, E Muszyńska, T Czech
Journal of Environmental Management 189, 75-83, 2017
Fast analysis of 4-tertoctylphenol, pentachlorophenol and 4-nonylphenol in river sediments by QuEChERS extraction procedure combined with GC-QqQ-MS/MS
T Czech, NB Bonilla, F Gambus, RR González, J Marín-Sáez, JLM Vidal, ...
Science of the Total Environment 557, 681-687, 2016
The contents of the potentially harmful elements in the arable soils of southern Poland, with the assessment of ecological and health risks: a case study
A Gruszecka-Kosowska, A Baran, M Wdowin, K Mazur-Kajta, T Czech
Environmental geochemistry and health 42 (2), 419-442, 2020
From laboratory to field studies–The assessment of Biscutella laevigata suitability to biological reclamation of areas contaminated with lead and cadmium
E Muszyńska, E Hanus-Fajerska, B Piwowarczyk, J Augustynowicz, ...
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 142, 266-273, 2017
Possible protective role of elderberry fruit lyophilizate against selected effects of cadmium and lead intoxication in Wistar rats
A Kopeć, E Sikora, E Piątkowska, B Borczak, T Czech
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23, 8837-8848, 2016
Heavy metals soil contamination induced by historical zinc smelting in Jaworzno
K Sutkowska, T Czech, L Teper, T Krzykawski
Ecological Chemistry and Engineering. A 20 (12), 1441-1450, 2013
Quality of peri-urban soil developed from ore-bearing carbonates: Heavy metal levels and source apportionment assessed using pollution indices
K Sutkowska, L Teper, T Czech, T Hulok, M Olszak, J Zogala
Minerals 10 (12), 1140, 2020
Effect of protein hydrolysates from carp (Cyprinus carpio) skin gelatine on oxidative stress biomarkers and other blood parameters in healthy rats
J Tkaczewska, B Borczak, E Piątkowska, J Kapusta-Duch, M Morawska, ...
Journal of Functional Foods 60, 103411, 2019
Geochemical fractions of the agricultural soils of southern Poland and the assessment of the potentially harmful element mobility
A Gruszecka-Kosowska, A Baran, K Mazur-Kajta, T Czech
Minerals 9 (11), 674, 2019
Zawartość metali ciężkich w glebach i roślinach z terenu Gminy Borzęcin (Województwo Małopolskie)
T Czech, A Baran, J Wieczorek
Inżynieria Ekologiczna, 2014
Assessment of chemical composition of waste materials from hard coal burning in view of their agricultural and environmental applications
T Czech, F Gambuś, J Wieczorek
Inżynieria Ekologiczna, 89--95, 2013
Mathematical forecasting methods for predicting lead contents in animal organs on the basis of the environmental conditions
T Czech, F Gambuś, J Wieczorek
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 110, 232-238, 2014
The use of coherent laser stimulation of seeds and a fungal inoculum to increase the productivity and health of soybean plants
J Dłużniewska, A Klimek-Kopyra, T Czech, JW Dobrowolski, E Dacewicz
Agronomy 11 (10), 1923, 2021
The use of laser biotechnology in agri-environment as a significant agronomical advance increasing crop yield and quality
A Klimek-Kopyra, JW Dobrowolski, T Czech, RW Neugschwandtner, ...
Advances in Agronomy 170, 1-33, 2021
Yielding and content of selected microelements in maize fertilized with various organic materials
J Wieczorek, F Gambuś, T Czech, J Antonkiewicz
Journal of Ecological Engineering 18 (4), 219-223, 2017
Content of heavy metals in soil and plants from an area Borzęcin Municipality (Malopolska Province)
T Czech, A Baran, J Wieczorek
Ecological Engineering & Environmental Technology 2014 (37), 89-98, 2014
Effect of historical zinc processing on soil: A case study in Southern Poland
K Sutkowska, L Teper, A Vaněk, T Czech, A Baran
Proceedings of the 3rd World Congress on New Technologies (NewTech’17), Rome …, 2017
Ocena składu chemicznego materiałów odpadowych ze spalania węgla kamiennego w aspekcie możliwości ich rolniczego i środowiskowego wykorzystania
T Czech, F Gambuś, J Wieczorek
Ecological Engineering & Environmental Technology 2013 (34), 89-95, 2014
Yield forming effect of application of composts containing polymer materials enriched in biocomponents
F Gambuś, J Wieczorek, T Czech, O Gorczyca, I Spałek, K Urbańska, ...
Journal of Ecological Engineering 15 (1), 81-86, 2014
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