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Tomasz Czech
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Integrated innovative biotechnology for optimization of environmental bioprocesses and a green economy
JW Dobrowolski, D Bedla, T Czech, F Gambuś, K Górecka, W Kiszczak, ...
Optimization and applicability of bioprocesses, 27-71, 2017
Phytostabilization of Zn-Pb ore flotation tailings with Dianthus carthusianorum and Biscutella laevigata after amending with mineral fertilizers or sewage sludge
K Ciarkowska, E Hanus-Fajerska, F Gambuś, E Muszyńska, T Czech
Journal of Environmental Management 189, 75-83, 2017
Fast analysis of 4-tertoctylphenol, pentachlorophenol and 4-nonylphenol in river sediments by QuEChERS extraction procedure combined with GC-QqQ-MS/MS
T Czech, NB Bonilla, F Gambus, RR González, J Marín-Sáez, JLM Vidal, ...
Science of the Total Environment 557, 681-687, 2016
The contents of the potentially harmful elements in the arable soils of southern Poland, with the assessment of ecological and health risks: a case study
A Gruszecka-Kosowska, A Baran, M Wdowin, K Mazur-Kajta, T Czech
Environmental geochemistry and health 42 (2), 419-442, 2020
From laboratory to field studies–The assessment of Biscutella laevigata suitability to biological reclamation of areas contaminated with lead and cadmium
E Muszyńska, E Hanus-Fajerska, B Piwowarczyk, J Augustynowicz, ...
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 142, 266-273, 2017
Quality of peri-urban soil developed from ore-bearing carbonates: Heavy metal levels and source apportionment assessed using pollution indices
K Sutkowska, L Teper, T Czech, T Hulok, M Olszak, J Zogala
Minerals 10 (12), 1140, 2020
Optimization and Applicability of Bioprocesses ed H Purohit, V Kalia, A Vaidya and A Khardenavis
JW Dobrowolski, D Bedla, T Czech, F Gambus, K Gorecka, W Kiszcak, ...
Singapore: Springer) Integrated Innovative Biotechnology for Optimization of …, 2017
Possible protective role of elderberry fruit lyophilizate against selected effects of cadmium and lead intoxication in Wistar rats
A Kopeć, E Sikora, E Piątkowska, B Borczak, T Czech
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23, 8837-8848, 2016
Heavy metals soil contamination induced by historical zinc smelting in Jaworzno
K Sutkowska, LM Teper, TW Krzykawski, T Czech
Ecological Chemistry and Engineering. A, 2013
Geochemical fractions of the agricultural soils of southern Poland and the assessment of the potentially harmful element mobility
A Gruszecka-Kosowska, A Baran, K Mazur-Kajta, T Czech
Minerals 9 (11), 674, 2019
The use of coherent laser stimulation of seeds and a fungal inoculum to increase the productivity and health of soybean plants
J Dłużniewska, A Klimek-Kopyra, T Czech, JW Dobrowolski, E Dacewicz
Agronomy 11 (10), 1923, 2021
Effect of protein hydrolysates from carp (Cyprinus carpio) skin gelatine on oxidative stress biomarkers and other blood parameters in healthy rats
J Tkaczewska, B Borczak, E Piątkowska, J Kapusta-Duch, M Morawska, ...
Journal of functional foods 60, 103411, 2019
Zawartość metali ciężkich w glebach i roślinach z terenu Gminy Borzęcin (Województwo Małopolskie)
T Czech, A Baran, J Wieczorek
Inżynieria Ekologiczna, 2014
Assessment of chemical composition of waste materials from hard coal burning in view of their agricultural and environmental applications
T Czech, F Gambuś, J Wieczorek
Inżynieria Ekologiczna, 89--95, 2013
The use of laser biotechnology in agri-environment as a significant agronomical advance increasing crop yield and quality
A Klimek-Kopyra, JW Dobrowolski, T Czech, RW Neugschwandtner, ...
Advances in Agronomy 170, 1-33, 2021
Mathematical forecasting methods for predicting lead contents in animal organs on the basis of the environmental conditions
T Czech, F Gambuś, J Wieczorek
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 110, 232-238, 2014
Content of heavy metals in soil and plants from an area Borzęcin Municipality (Malopolska Province)
T Czech, A Baran, J Wieczorek
Ecological Engineering & Environmental Technology 2014 (37), 89-98, 2014
Yielding and content of selected microelements in maize fertilized with various organic materials
J Wieczorek, F Gambuś, T Czech, J Antonkiewicz
Journal of Ecological Engineering 18 (4), 219-223, 2017
Assessment of the Condition of Soils before Planned Hard Coal Mining in Southern Poland: A Starting Point for Sustainable Management of Fossil Fuel Resources
K Sutkowska, L Teper, T Czech, A Walker
Energies 16 (2), 737, 2023
Complementary photostimulation of seeds and plants as an effective tool for increasing crop productivity and quality in light of new challenges facing agriculture in the 21st …
A Klimek-Kopyra, T Czech
Plants 11 (13), 1649, 2022
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