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Sexual systems in gymnosperms: a review
Ł Walas, W Mandryk, PA Thomas, Ż Tyrała-Wierucka, G Iszkuło
Basic and applied ecology 31, 1-9, 2018
Past, present, and future geographic range of an oro-Mediterranean Tertiary relict: The juniperus drupacea case study
Ł Walas, K Sobierajska, T Ok, AA Dönmez, SS Kanoğlu, ...
Regional Environmental Change 19, 1507-1520, 2019
Assessment of metabolic syndrome predictors in relation to inflammation and visceral fat tissue in older adults
A Tylutka, B Morawin, Ł Walas, M Michałek, A Gwara, A Zembron-Lacny
Scientific Reports 13 (1), 89, 2023
Spatial genetic structure of the endemic alpine plant Salix serpillifolia: genetic swamping on nunataks due to secondary colonization?
P Kosiński, K Sękiewicz, Ł Walas, A Boratyński, M Dering
Alpine Botany 129 (2), 107-121, 2019
Postglacial migration dynamics helps to explain current scattered distribution of Taxus baccata.
G Iszkuło, E Pers-Kamczyc, D Nalepka, M Rabska, Ł Walas, M Dering
Past, present and future suitable areas for the relict tree Pterocarya fraxinifolia (Juglandaceae): Integrating fossil records, niche modeling, and phylogeography for …
YG Song, Ł Walas, M Pietras, HV Sâm, H Yousefzadeh, T Ok, ...
European Journal of Forest Research 140, 1323-1339, 2021
Spatial genetic structure and diversity of natural populations of Aesculus hippocastanum L. in Greece
Ł Walas, P Ganatsas, G Iszkuło, PA Thomas, M Dering
Plos one 14 (12), e0226225, 2019
The evolutionary heritage and ecological uniqueness of Scots pine in the Caucasus ecoregion is at risk of climate changes
M Dering, M Baranowska, B Beridze, IJ Chybicki, I Danelia, G Iszkuło, ...
Scientific reports 11 (1), 22845, 2021
Environmental regionalization and endemic plant distribution in the Maghreb
Ł Walas, A Taib
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 194 (2), 100, 2022
Patterns of genetic diversity in North Africa: Moroccan-Algerian genetic split in Juniperus thurifera subsp. africana
A Taib, A Morsli, A Chojnacka, Ł Walas, K Sękiewicz, A Boratyński, ...
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 4810, 2020
The impact of climate change on the future geographical distribution range of the endemic relict tree Gleditsia caspica (Fabaceae) in Hyrcanian forests
H Yousefzadeh, N Amirchakhmaghi, B Naseri, F Shafizadeh, G Kozlowski, ...
Ecological Informatics 71, 101773, 2022
Taxus baccata in Morocco: a tree in regression in its southern extreme
A Romo, G Iszkuło, M Seghir Taleb, Ł Walas, A Boratyński
Institute of Dendrology (Polish Academy of Sciences), 2017
The future of Viscum album L. in Europe will be shaped by temperature and host availability
Ł Walas, W Kędziora, M Ksepko, M Rabska, D Tomaszewski, PA Thomas, ...
Scientific Reports 12 (1), 17072, 2022
The present status and potential distribution of relict populations of Aesculus hippocastanum L. in Greece and the diverse infestation by Cameraria ohridella Deschka & Dimić.
Ł Walas, M Dering, P Ganatsas, M Pietras, E Pers-Kamczyc, G Iszkuło
Plant Biosystems-An International Journal Dealing with all Aspects of Plant …, 2018
Past climatic refugia and landscape resistance explain spatial genetic structure in Oriental beech in the South Caucasus
K Sękiewicz, I Danelia, V Farzaliyev, H Gholizadeh, G Iszkuło, ...
Ecology and Evolution 12 (9), e9320, 2022
High genetic diversity and low future habitat suitability: will Cupressus atlantica, endemic to the High Atlas, survive under climate change?
K Sękiewicz, Ł Walas, B Beridze, M Fennane, M Dering
Regional environmental change 20 (4), 132, 2020
Biodiversity protection against anthropogenic climate change: Conservation prioritization of Castanea sativa in the South Caucasus based on genetic and …
B Beridze, K Sękiewicz, Ł Walas, PA Thomas, I Danelia, V Fazaliyev, ...
Ecology and Evolution 13 (5), e10068, 2023
Influence of herbivory pressure on the growth rate and needle morphology of Taxus baccata L. juveniles
M Kýpeťová, Ł Walas, P Jaloviar, G Iszkuło
Dendrobiology, 10-19, 2018
Genetic Diversity and Structure of Rear Edge Populations of Sorbus aucuparia (Rosaceae) in the Hyrcanian Forest
H Yousefzadeh, S Raeisi, O Esmailzadeh, G Jalali, M Nasiri, Ł Walas, ...
Plants 10 (7), 1471, 2021
Predicting past, current and future suitable habitat for endemic Hyrcanian species Populus caspica Bornm.
S Alipour, Z Badehian, H Yousefzadeh, F Asadi, K Espahbodi, Ł Walas
New Forests 54 (2), 325-342, 2023
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