Robert A. Kaindl
Robert A. Kaindl
Department of Physics and CXFEL Laboratory, Arizona State University
Zweryfikowany adres z asu.edu
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Ultrafast terahertz probes of transient conducting and insulating phases in an electron–hole gas
RA Kaindl, MA Carnahan, D Hägele, R Lövenich, DS Chemla
Nature 423 (6941), 734-738, 2003
Observation of terahertz emission from a laser-plasma accelerated electron bunch crossing a plasma-vacuum boundary
WP Leemans, CGR Geddes, J Faure, C Tóth, J Van Tilborg, ...
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Generation, shaping, and characterization of intense femtosecond pulses tunable from 3 to 20 µm
RA Kaindl, M Wurm, K Reimann, P Hamm, AM Weiner, M Woerner
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Noise suppression in femtosecond mid-infrared light sources
P Hamm, RA Kaindl, J Stenger
Optics letters 25 (24), 1798-1800, 2000
Observation of chiral phonons
H Zhu, J Yi, MY Li, J Xiao, L Zhang, CW Yang, RA Kaindl, LJ Li, Y Wang, ...
Science 359 (6375), 579-582, 2018
Broadband electromagnetic response and ultrafast dynamics of few-layer epitaxial graphene
H Choi, F Borondics, DA Siegel, SY Zhou, MC Martin, A Lanzara, ...
Applied Physics Letters 94 (17), 2009
Temporal characterization of femtosecond laser-plasma-accelerated electron bunches using terahertz radiation
J Van Tilborg, CB Schroeder, CV Filip, C Tóth, CGR Geddes, G Fubiani, ...
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Ultrafast mid-infrared response of YBa2Cu3O7-δ
RA Kaindl, M Woerner, T Elsaesser, DC Smith, JF Ryan, GA Farnan, ...
Science 287 (5452), 470-473, 2000
Broadband phase-matched difference frequency mixing of femtosecond pulses in GaSe: Experiment and theory
RA Kaindl, F Eickemeyer, M Woerner, T Elsaesser
Applied Physics Letters 75 (8), 1060-1062, 1999
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RA Kaindl, D Hägele, MA Carnahan, DS Chemla
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Far-infrared optical conductivity gap in superconducting MgB 2 films
RA Kaindl, MA Carnahan, J Orenstein, DS Chemla, HM Christen, HY Zhai, ...
Physical review letters 88 (2), 027003, 2001
Femtosecond infrared pulses tunable from 9 to 18?? µm at an 88-MHz repetition rate
RA Kaindl, DC Smith, M Joschko, MP Hasselbeck, M Woerner, ...
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Nodal quasiparticle meltdown in ultrahigh-resolution pump–probe angle-resolved photoemission
J Graf, C Jozwiak, CL Smallwood, H Eisaki, RA Kaindl, DH Lee, ...
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Modelling laser-based table-top THz sources: Optical rectification, propagation and electro-optic sampling
J Faure, J Van Tilborg, RA Kaindl, WP Leemans
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Dynamics of Cooper pair formation in
RA Kaindl, MA Carnahan, DS Chemla, S Oh, JN Eckstein
Physical Review B 72 (6), 060510, 2005
Bright high-repetition-rate source of narrowband extreme-ultraviolet harmonics beyond 22 eV
H Wang, Y Xu, S Ulonska, JS Robinson, P Ranitovic, RA Kaindl
Nature Communications 6, 7459, 2015
Broadband terahertz study of excitonic resonances in the high-density regime in GaAs∕ Al x Ga 1− x As quantum wells
R Huber, RA Kaindl, BA Schmid, DS Chemla
Physical Review B 72 (16), 161314, 2005
Phase fluctuations and the absence of topological defects in a photo-excited charge-ordered nickelate
WS Lee, YD Chuang, RG Moore, Y Zhu, L Patthey, M Trigo, DH Lu, ...
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Stimulated terahertz emission from intraexcitonic transitions in Cu 2 O
R Huber, BA Schmid, YR Shen, DS Chemla, RA Kaindl
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Optical dephasing of coherent intersubband transitions in a quasi-two-dimensional electron gas
I Waldmüller, J Förstner, SC Lee, A Knorr, M Woerner, K Reimann, ...
Physical Review B 69 (20), 205307, 2004
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