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Cytowane przez
Estimating defoliation of Scots pine stands using machine learning methods and vegetation indices of Sentinel-2
P Hawryło, B Bednarz, P Wężyk, M Szostak
European Journal of Remote Sensing 51 (1), 194-204, 2018
Using of Sentinel-2 images for automation of the forest succession detection
M Szostak, P Hawryło, D Piela
European Journal of Remote Sensing 51 (1), 142-149, 2018
Aerial orthophoto and airborne laser scanning as monitoring tools for land cover dynamics: A case study from the Milicz Forest District (Poland)
M Szostak, P Wezyk, P Tompalski
Pure and Applied Geophysics 171, 857-866, 2014
Restoration of vegetation in relation to soil properties of spoil heap heavily contaminated with heavy metals
M Pająk, E Błońska, M Szostak, M Gąsiorek, M Pietrzykowski, O Urban, ...
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 229, 1-15, 2018
Describing the selected canopy layer parameters of the Scots pine stands using ALS data
P Wezyk, P Tompalski, M Szostak, M Glista, M Pierzchalski, R Hill, ...
8th international conference on LiDAR applications in forest assessment and …, 2008
Spatial distribution and concentration of sulfur in relation to vegetation cover and soil properties on a reclaimed sulfur mine site (Southern Poland)
J Likus-Cieślik, M Pietrzykowski, M Szostak, M Szulczewski
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 189, 1-12, 2017
Landscape monitoring of post-industrial areas using LiDAR and GIS technology
P Wężyk, M Szostak, W Krzaklewski, M Pająk, M Pierzchalski, P Szwed, ...
Geodesy and cartography 64 (1), 2015
Hydromorphological Index for Rivers (HIR): A new method for hydromorphological assessment and classification for flowing waters in Poland
K Szoszkiewicz, S Jusik, D Gebler, K Achtenberg, M Adynkiewicz-Piragas, ...
Journal of Ecological Engineering 21 (8), 2020
Macrophyte and macroinvertebrate patterns in unimpacted mountain rivers of two European ecoregions
K Szoszkiewicz, S Jusik, I Lewin, I Czerniawska-Kusza, JM Kupiec, ...
Hydrobiologia 808, 327-342, 2018
Automated land cover change detection and forest succession monitoring using LiDAR Point Clouds and GIS analyses
M Szostak
Geosciences 10 (8), 321, 2020
Monitoring the secondary forest succession and land cover/use changes of the Błędów Desert (Poland) using geospatial analyses
M Szostak, P Wężyk, P Hawryło, M Puchała
Quaestiones Geographicae 35 (3), 1-13, 2016
Reclaimed area land cover mapping using Sentinel-2 Imagery and LiDAR Point Clouds
M Szostak, M Pietrzykowski, J Likus-Cieślik
Remote Sensing 12 (2), 261, 2020
Fusing Sentinel-2 Imagery and ALS Point Clouds for defining LULC changes on reclaimed areas by afforestation
M Szostak, K Knapik, P Wężyk, J Likus-Cieślik, M Pietrzykowski
Sustainability 11 (5), 1251, 2019
A preliminary assessment of soil sulphur contamination and vegetations the vicinity of former boreholes on the afforested post-mine site Jeziórko
J Likus-Cieślik, M Pietrzykowski, M Śliwińska-Siuśta, W Krzaklewski, ...
Geology, Geophysics and Environment 41 (4), 371-371, 2015
Metoda szacowania liczby drzew w drzewostanie sosnowym z wykorzystaniem danych ALS oraz ortoobrazów
P Wężyk, P Tompalski, R de Kok, M Szostak, M Kukawski
sylwan 154 (11), 773-782, 2010
Use of airborne laser scanning data for a revision and update of a digital forest map and its descriptive database: a case study from the Tatra National Park
P Wężyk, M Szostak, P Tompalski
The Carpathians: Integrating nature and society towards sustainability, 615-627, 2013
Using geobia and data fusion approach for land use and land cover mapping
P Wężyk, P Hawryło, M Szostak, M Pierzchalski, R De Kok
Quaestiones Geographicae 35 (1), 93-104, 2016
The analysis of spatial and temporal changes of land cover and land use in the reclaimed areas with the application of airborne orthophotomaps and LANDSAT images
M Szostak, P Wężyk, P Hawryło, M Pietrzykowski
Geodesy and cartography 64 (1), 2015
Aktualizacja baz danych SILP oraz Leśnej Mapy Numerycznej w oparciu o dane z lotniczego skaningu laserowego
P Wężyk, M Szostak, P Tompalski
Archiwum Fotogrametrii, Kartografii i Teledetekcji 21, 437-446, 2010
Forest cover changes in Gorce NP (Poland) using photointerpretation of analogue photographs and GEOBIA of orthophotos and nDSM based on image-matching based approach
P Wezyk, P Hawrylo, B Janus, M Weidenbach, M Szostak
European Journal of Remote Sensing 51 (1), 501-510, 2018
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