Agata Plesnar-Bielak
Agata Plesnar-Bielak
Jagiellonian University, Institute of Environmental Sciences
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Mating system affects population performance and extinction risk under environmental challenge
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Sexual conflict in a changing environment
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Relative costs and benefits of alternative reproductive phenotypes at different temperatures–genotype-by-environment interactions in a sexually selected trait
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Complex response in size-related traits of bulb mites (Rhizoglyphus robini) under elevated thermal conditions – an experimental evolution approach
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Do males pay for sex? Sex-specific selection coefficients suggest not
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Male-limited secondary sexual trait interacts with environment in determining female fitness
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Sexual and ecological selection on a sexual conflict gene
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Does operational sex ratio influence relative strength of purging selection in males versus females?
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Proximate mechanisms of the differences in reproductive success of males bearing different alleles of Pgdh–a gene involved in a sexual conflict in bulb mite
AM Skwierzyńska, A Plesnar‐Bielak
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Transcriptomics of differences in thermal plasticity associated with selection for an exaggerated male sexual trait
A Plesnar-Bielak, JM Parrett, S Chmielewski, K Dudek, A Łukasiewicz, ...
Progeny Above All
A Plesnar-Bielak
ACADEMIA-The magazine of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 40-41-40-41, 2014
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