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Digit ratios (2D: 4D) determined by computer‐assisted analysis are more reliable than those using physical measurements, photocopies, and printed scans
HC Allaway, TG Bloski, RA Pierson, ME Lujan
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The physiology of functional hypothalamic amenorrhea associated with energy deficiency in exercising women and in women with anorexia nervosa
H Allaway, EA Southmayd, MJ De Souza
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Low resting metabolic rate in exercise-associated amenorrhea is not due to a reduced proportion of highly active metabolic tissue compartments
K Koehler, NI Williams, RJ Mallinson, EA Southmayd, HCM Allaway, ...
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Randomised controlled trial of the effects of increased energy intake on menstrual recovery in exercising women with menstrual disturbances: the ‘REFUEL’study
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Long-duration spaceflight increases depth ambiguity of reversible perspective figures
G Clément, HCM Allaway, M Demel, A Golemis, AN Kindrat, ...
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Current and past menstrual status is an important determinant of femoral neck geometry in exercising women
RJ Mallinson, NI Williams, JC Gibbs, K Koehler, HCM Allaway, ...
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Bone mineral density in response to increased energy intake in exercising women with oligomenorrhea/amenorrhea: the REFUEL randomized controlled trial
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A rodent model of human dose-equivalent progestin-only implantable contraception
HCM Allaway, RA Pierson, J Invik, SA Bloomfield
Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 19, 1-11, 2021
Reductions in urinary collection frequency for assessment of reproductive hormones provide physiologically representative exposure and mean concentrations when compared with …
HCM Allaway, NI Williams, RJ Mallinson, K Koehler, MJ De Souza
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Are the Effects of Oral and Vaginal Contraceptives on Bone Formation in Young Women Mediated via the Growth Hormone-IGF-I Axis?
H Allaway, M Misra, EA Southmayd, MS Stone, CM Weaver, DL Petkus, ...
Frontiers in Endocrinology 11, 334, 2020
Effects of a single 20 mg dose of letrozole on ovarian function post dominant follicle selection: an exploratory randomized controlled trial
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12-months of increased dietary intake does not exacerbate disordered eating-related attitudes, stress, or depressive symptoms in women with exercise-associated menstrual …
NCA Strock, MJ De Souza, RJ Mallinson, M Olmsted, HCM Allaway, ...
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Oral Estradiol Impact on Mitigating Unloading-Induced Bone Loss in Ovary-Intact Rats
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Impact of combined oral contraceptive use on exercise and health in female athletes
HCM Allaway, RJ Mallinson, MJ De Souza
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Oral and non-oral contraceptives decrease recombinant human GH-stimulated hepatic IGF-1 secretion in young women following two months of use
HCM Allaway, CM Weaver, DL Petkus, MS Stone, M Misra, BR Martin, ...
99th Annual Meeting of the Endocrine Society, 2017
Inflammaging and Bone Loss in a Rat Model of Spinal Cord Injury
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SAT-LB039 Development of an Animal Model of Long-acting, Reversible Contraception at Physiologic Equivalent Doses
H Allaway, R Pierson, J Invik, S Bloomfield
Journal of the Endocrine Society 3 (Supplement_1), SAT-LB039, 2019
Low Resting Metabolic Rate in Exercise-Associated Amenorrhea is not Due to a Reduced Proportion of Energetically Expensive Tissue Compartments: 3858 Board# 297 June 4, 9: 30 AM …
HC Allaway, K Koehler, RJ Mallinson, EA Southmayd, MJ De Souza, ...
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H Allaway, V Lloyd, I Kaczmarska
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Multiple Consecutive Menstrual Cycles May Be Needed For Improvements In Estrogen Exposure After Oligo-amenorrhea: 1433
RJ Mallinson, NI Williams, EA Ricker, HC Allaway, MJ De Souza
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 55 (9S), 482, 2023
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