Jeffrey Wuenschell
Jeffrey Wuenschell
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Cytowane przez
High-sensitivity surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy based on a metal nanoslit array
YS Jung, Z Sun, J Wuenschell, HK Kim, P Kaur, L Wang, D Waldeck
Applied physics letters 88 (24), 243105, 2006
Blue-shift of surface plasmon resonance in a metal nanoslit array structure
YS Jung, J Wuenschell, HK Kim, P Kaur, DH Waldeck
Optics Express 17 (18), 16081-16091, 2009
Surface plasmon dynamics in an isolated metallic nanoslit
J Wuenschell, HK Kim
Optics Express 14 (21), 10000-10013, 2006
Recent advances in machine learning for fiber optic sensor applications
A Venketeswaran, N Lalam, J Wuenschell, PR Ohodnicki Jr, M Badar, ...
Advanced Intelligent Systems 4 (1), 2100067, 2022
Anharmonicity Explains Temperature Renormalization Effects of the Band Gap in SrTiO3
YN Wu, WA Saidi, JK Wuenschell, T Tadano, P Ohodnicki, B Chorpening, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11 (7), 2518-2523, 2020
Creating glasswing butterfly-inspired durable antifogging superomniphobic supertransmissive, superclear nanostructured glass through Bayesian learning and optimization
S Haghanifar, M McCourt, B Cheng, J Wuenschell, P Ohodnicki, PW Leu
Materials Horizons 6 (8), 1632-1642, 2019
Excitation and propagation of surface plasmons in a metallic nanoslit structure
J Wuenschell, HK Kim
IEEE transactions on nanotechnology 7 (2), 229-236, 2008
Strain-induced darkening of trapped excitons in coupled quantum wells at low temperature
NW Sinclair, JK Wuenschell, Z Voeroes, B Nelsen, DW Snoke, ...
Physical Review B 83 (24), 245304, 2011
Discovering high-performance broadband and broad angle antireflection surfaces by machine learning
S Haghanifar, M McCourt, B Cheng, J Wuenschell, P Ohodnicki, PW Leu
Optica 7 (7), 784-789, 2020
Near-to far-field imaging of free-space and surface-bound waves emanating from a metal nanoslit
YS Jung, J Wuenschell, T Schmidt, HK Kim
Applied Physics Letters 92 (2), 023104, 2008
Flexible nanograss with highest combination of transparency and haze for optoelectronic plastic substrates
S Haghanifar, RTR De Vecchis, KJ Kim, J Wuenschell, SP Sharma, P Lu, ...
Nanotechnology 29 (42), 42LT01, 2018
Edge trapping of exciton-polariton condensates in etched pillars
DM Myers, JK Wuenschell, B Ozden, J Beaumariage, DW Snoke, ...
Applied Physics Letters 110 (21), 211104, 2017
Assessing the Effects of Temperature and Oxygen Vacancy on Band Gap Renormalization in LaCrO3−δ: First-Principles and Experimental Corroboration
J Park, WA Saidi, JK Wuenschell, BH Howard, B Chorpening, Y Duan
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13 (15), 17717-17725, 2021
Near-to far-field imaging of phase evolution of light emanating from a metal nanoslit
YS Jung, Y Xi, J Wuenschell, HK Kim
Optics Express 16 (23), 18881-18888, 2008
Combined plasmonic Au-nanoparticle and conducting metal oxide high-temperature optical sensing with LSTO
JK Wuenschell, Y Jee, DK Lau, Y Yu, PR Ohodnicki Jr
Nanoscale 12 (27), 14524-14537, 2020
Theoretical and experimental study of temperature effect on electronic and optical properties of TiO2: comparing rutile and anatase
YN Wu, JK Wuenschell, R Fryer, WA Saidi, P Ohodnicki, B Chorpening, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 32 (40), 405705, 2020
Enhanced laser crystallization of thin film amorphous molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) by means of pulsed laser ultrasound
JK Wuenschell, H Helvajian
Optics Express 27 (4), 5859-5873, 2019
Laser processing of thin film sputtered MoS2: Thinning, oxidation, and crystallization
JK Wuenschell, AB Payton, JR Lince, H Helvajian
Journal of Applied Physics 127 (14), 145305, 2020
High-temperature oxygen sensing behavior of perovskite films on the optical fiber platform
Y Jee, JK Wuenschell, HW Abernathy, S Lee, TL Kalapos, GA Hackett, ...
Oxide-based Materials and Devices X 10919, 233-241, 2019
Nanostructured sapphire optical fiber embedded with Au nanorods for high-temperature plasmonics in harsh environments
K Liu, J Wuenschell, S Bera, R Tang, PR Ohodnicki, H Du
Optics Express 27 (26), 38125-38133, 2019
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