Jaume Veciana
Jaume Veciana
Profesor de Investigación
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Cytowane przez
Old materials with new tricks: multifunctional open-framework materials
D Maspoch, D Ruiz-Molina, J Veciana
Chemical Society Reviews 36 (5), 770-818, 2007
Playing with organic radicals as building blocks for functional molecular materials
I Ratera, J Veciana
Chemical Society Reviews 41 (1), 303-349, 2012
A nanoporous molecular magnet with reversible solvent-induced mechanical and magnetic properties
D Maspoch, D Ruiz-Molina, K Wurst, N Domingo, M Cavallini, F Biscarini, ...
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Magnetic nanoporous coordination polymers
D Maspoch, D Ruiz-Molina, J Veciana
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Highly selective chromogenic and redox or fluorescent sensors of Hg2+ in aqueous environment based on 1, 4-disubstituted azines
A Caballero, R Martínez, V Lloveras, I Ratera, J Vidal-Gancedo, K Wurst, ...
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Correlation between crystal structure and mobility in organic field-effect transistors based on single crystals of tetrathiafulvalene derivatives
M Mas-Torrent, P Hadley, ST Bromley, X Ribas, J Tarrés, M Mas, E Molins, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (27), 8546-8553, 2004
Lipid-based nanovesicles for nanomedicine
N Grimaldi, F Andrade, N Segovia, L Ferrer-Tasies, S Sala, J Veciana, ...
Chemical society reviews 45 (23), 6520-6545, 2016
Inert carbon free radicals. 8. Polychlorotriphenylmethyl radicals: synthesis, structure, and spin-density distribution
O Armet, J Veciana, C Rovira, J Riera, J Castaner, E Molins, J Rius, ...
Journal of Physical Chemistry 91 (22), 5608-5616, 1987
Surface supramolecular organization of a terbium (III) double-decker complex on graphite and its single molecule magnet behavior
M Gonidec, R Biagi, V Corradini, F Moro, V De Renzi, U Del Pennino, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (17), 6603-6612, 2011
Stable polyradicals with high-spin ground states. 2. Synthesis and characterization of a complete series of polyradicals derived from 2, 4, 6-trichloro-. alpha.,. alpha …
J Veciana, C Rovira, N Ventosa, MI Crespo, F Palacio
Journal of the American Chemical Society 115 (1), 57-64, 1993
A robust molecular platform for non-volatile memory devices with optical and magnetic responses
C Simão, M Mas-Torrent, N Crivillers, V Lloveras, JM Artés, P Gorostiza, ...
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Bacterial inclusion bodies: making gold from waste
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Attaching persistent organic free radicals to surfaces: how and why
M Mas-Torrent, N Crivillers, C Rovira, J Veciana
Chemical Reviews 112 (4), 2506-2527, 2012
Single-crystal organic field-effect transistors based on dibenzo-tetrathiafulvalene
M Mas-Torrent, P Hadley, ST Bromley, N Crivillers, J Veciana, C Rovira
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Magnetic Information Storage on Polymers by Using Patterned Single‐Molecule Magnets
M Cavallini, J Gomez‐Segura, D Ruiz‐Molina, M Massi, C Albonetti, ...
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Organic radicals on surfaces: towards molecular spintronics
M Mas-Torrent, N Crivillers, V Mugnaini, I Ratera, C Rovira, J Veciana
Journal of Materials Chemistry 19 (12), 1691-1695, 2009
A molecular multiproperty switching array based on the redox behavior of a ferrocenyl polychlorotriphenylmethyl radical
C Sporer, I Ratera, D Ruiz‐Molina, Y Zhao, J Vidal‐Gancedo, K Wurst, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 43 (39), 5266-5268, 2004
Synthesis of several isomeric tetrathiafulvalene. pi.-electron donors with peripheral sulfur atoms. A study of their radical cations
C Rovira, J Veciana, N Santalo, J Tarres, J Cirujeda, E Molins, J Llorca, ...
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 59 (12), 3307-3313, 1994
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