Di Li (李迪)
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Graphene-based antibacterial paper
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A graphene nanoprobe for rapid, sensitive, and multicolor fluorescent DNA analysis
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Target-responsive structural switching for nucleic acid-based sensors
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Self-assembled multivalent DNA nanostructures for noninvasive intracellular delivery of immunostimulatory CpG oligonucleotides
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Self-catalyzed, self-limiting growth of glucose oxidase-mimicking gold nanoparticles
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Amplified analysis of low-molecular-weight substrates or proteins by the self-assembly of DNAzyme− aptamer conjugates
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Catalytic gold nanoparticles for nanoplasmonic detection of DNA hybridization
X Zheng, Q Liu, C Jing, Y Li, D Li, W Luo, Y Wen, Y He, Q Huang, YT Long, ...
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Spotlighting of cocaine by an autonomous aptamer-based machine
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Long‐term antimicrobial effect of silicon nanowires decorated with silver nanoparticles
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Highly Photoluminescent CdTe/Poly(N‐isopropylacrylamide) TemperatureSensitive Gels
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A graphene-enhanced molecular beacon for homogeneous DNA detection
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Graphene on Au (111): a highly conductive material with excellent adsorption properties for high‐resolution bio/nanodetection and identification
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DNAzyme-Based Rolling-Circle Amplification DNA Machine for Ultrasensitive Analysis of MicroRNA in Drosophila Larva
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Analyst 134 (7), 1355-1360, 2009
Metal ion-modulated graphene-DNAzyme interactions: design of a nanoprobe for fluorescent detection of lead (II) ions with high sensitivity, selectivity and tunable dynamic range
Y Wen, C Peng, D Li, L Zhuo, S He, L Wang, Q Huang, QH Xu, C Fan
Chemical Communications 47 (22), 6278-6280, 2011
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