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Object-oriented change detection for landslide rapid mapping
P Lu, A Stumpf, N Kerle, N Casagli
IEEE Geoscience and remote sensing letters 8 (4), 701-705, 2011
The Maoxian landslide as seen from space: detecting precursors of failure with Sentinel-1 data
E Intrieri, F Raspini, A Fumagalli, P Lu, S Del Conte, P Farina, J Allievi, ...
Landslides 15 (1), 123-133, 2018
Spaceborne, UAV and ground-based remote sensing techniques for landslide mapping, monitoring and early warning
N Casagli, W Frodella, S Morelli, V Tofani, A Ciampalini, E Intrieri, ...
Geoenvironmental Disasters 4 (1), 1-23, 2017
Persistent Scatterers Interferometry Hotspot and Cluster Analysis (PSI-HCA) for detection of extremely slow-moving landslides
P Lu, N Casagli, F Catani, V Tofani
International journal of remote sensing 33 (2), 466-489, 2012
The human cost of global warming: Deadly landslides and their triggers (1995–2014)
U Haque, PF Da Silva, G Devoli, J Pilz, B Zhao, A Khaloua, W Wilopo, ...
Science of the Total Environment 682, 673-684, 2019
Quantitative hazard and risk assessment for slow-moving landslides from Persistent Scatterer Interferometry
P Lu, F Catani, V Tofani, N Casagli
Landslides 11 (4), 685-696, 2014
Landslide mapping from aerial photographs using change detection-based Markov random field
Z Li, W Shi, P Lu, L Yan, Q Wang, Z Miao
Remote sensing of environment 187, 76-90, 2016
Semi-automated landslide inventory mapping from bitemporal aerial photographs using change detection and level set method
Z Li, W Shi, SW Myint, P Lu, Q Wang
Remote Sensing of Environment 175, 215-230, 2016
Landslide investigation with remote sensing and sensor network: From susceptibility mapping and scaled-down simulation towards in situ sensor network design
G Qiao, P Lu, M Scaioni, S Xu, X Tong, T Feng, H Wu, W Chen, Y Tian, ...
Remote Sensing 5 (9), 4319-4346, 2013
Airborne quinones induce cytotoxicity and DNA damage in human lung epithelial A549 cells: the role of reactive oxygen species
Y Shang, L Zhang, Y Jiang, Y Li, P Lu
Chemosphere 100, 42-49, 2014
Landslide mapping from multi-sensor data through improved change detection-based Markov random field
P Lu, Y Qin, Z Li, AC Mondini, N Casagli
Remote Sensing of Environment 231, 111235, 2019
Landslides detection through optimized hot spot analysis on persistent scatterers and distributed scatterers
P Lu, S Bai, V Tofani, N Casagli
ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 156, 147-159, 2019
Model test study on monitoring dynamic process of slope failure through spatial sensor network
P Lu, H Wu, G Qiao, W Li, M Scaioni, T Feng, S Liu, W Chen, N Li, C Liu, ...
Environmental Earth Sciences 74 (4), 3315-3332, 2015
Liquefaction resistance of sand reinforced with randomly distributed polypropylene fibres
B Ye, ZR Cheng, C Liu, YD Zhang, P Lu
Geosynthetics International 24 (6), 625-636, 2017
Bulk metal forming process simulation based on rigid-plastic/viscoplastic element free Galerkin method
P Lu, G Zhao, Y Guan, X Wu
Materials Science and Engineering: A 479 (1-2), 197-212, 2008
Some applications of 2-D and 3-D photogrammetry during laboratory experiments for hydrogeological risk assessment
M Scaioni, T Feng, L Barazzetti, M Previtali, P Lu, G Qiao, H Wu, W Chen, ...
Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk 6 (5-7), 473-496, 2015
Hybrid-SAR technique: Joint analysis using phase-based and amplitude-based methods for the Xishancun giant landslide monitoring
T Qu, P Lu, C Liu, H Wu, X Shao, H Wan, N Li, R Li
Remote Sensing 8 (10), 874, 2016
Close-range photogrammetric techniques for deformation measurement: Applications to landslides
M Scaioni, T Feng, P Lu, G Qiao, X Tong, R Li, L Barazzetti, M Previtali, ...
Modern technologies for landslide monitoring and prediction, 13-41, 2015
Landslide susceptibility assessment of the Youfang catchment using logistic regression
S Bai, P Lu, J Wang
Journal of Mountain Science 12 (4), 816-827, 2015
Reliquefaction behavior of sand and its mesoscopic mechanism
B Ye, H Hu, X Bao, P Lu
Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 114, 12-21, 2018
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