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Pawel Gasior
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Development of laser-based techniques for in situ characterization of the first wall in ITER and future fusion devices
V Philipps, A Malaquias, A Hakola, J Karhunen, G Maddaluno, ...
Nuclear fusion 53 (9), 093002, 2013
Plasma–wall interaction studies within the EUROfusion consortium: progress on plasma-facing components development and qualification
S Brezinsek, JW Coenen, T Schwarz-Selinger, K Schmid, A Kirschner, ...
Nuclear fusion 57 (11), 116041, 2017
Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy as diagnostics for fuel retention and removal and wall composition in fusion reactors with mixed-material components
P Gasior, M Bieda, M Kubkowska, R Neu, J Wolowski, AU Team
Fusion engineering and design 86 (6-8), 1239-1242, 2011
Development of ITER relevant laser techniques for deposited layer characterisation and tritium inventory
A Malaquias, V Philipps, A Huber, A Hakola, J Likonen, J Kolehmainen, ...
Journal of Nuclear Materials 438, S936-S939, 2013
Development of fiber Bragg gratings technology and their complex structures for sensing, telecommunications and microwave photonics applications
T Osuch, P Gąsior, K Markowski, K Jędrzejewski
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Technical Sciences 62 (4), 2014
Characterisation of laser-produced tungsten plasma using optical spectroscopy method
M Kubkowska, P Gasior, M Rosinski, J Wolowski, MJ Sadowski, ...
The European Physical Journal D 54 (2), 463-466, 2009
System for modification of exposure time in fiber Bragg gratings fabrication with using scanning phase mask method
T Osuch, P Gasior, L Lewandowski
Photonics Applications in Astronomy, Communications, Industry, and High …, 2005
Dust control in tokamak environment
S Rosanvallon, C Grisolia, G Counsell, SH Hong, F Onofri, J Worms, ...
Fusion Engineering and Design 83 (10-12), 1701-1705, 2008
Double pulse Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy measurements on ITER-like samples
S Almaviva, L Caneve, F Colao, P Gasior, M Kubkowska, M Łepek, ...
Fusion Engineering and Design 96, 848-851, 2015
Laser-induced removal of co-deposits from graphitic plasma-facing components: Characterization of irradiated surfaces and dust particles
P Gąsior, F Irrek, P Petersson, HJ Penkalla, M Rubel, B Schweer, ...
Journal of nuclear materials 390, 585-588, 2009
Characterization of laser-irradiated co-deposited layers on plasma facing components from a tokamak
P Gasior, J Badziak, A Czarnecka, P Parys, J Wołowski, M Rosiński, ...
Physica Scripta 2006 (T123), 99, 2006
Hydrogen isotope detection in metal matrix using double-pulse laser-induced breakdown-spectroscopy
R Fantoni, S Almaviva, L Caneve, F Colao, G Maddaluno, P Gasior, ...
Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy 129, 8-13, 2017
Measurements of deuterium retention and surface elemental composition with double pulse laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
S Almaviva, L Caneve, F Colao, G Maddaluno, N Krawczyk, A Czarnecka, ...
Physica Scripta 2016 (T167), 014043, 2016
Effective laser-induced removal of co-deposited layers from plasma-facing components in a tokamak
P Gasior, A Czarnecka, P Parys, M Rosinski, J Wolowski, J Hoffman, ...
Czechoslovak Journal of Physics 56 (2), B67-B72, 2006
Detection by LIBS of the deuterium retained in the FTU toroidal limiter
G Maddaluno, S Almaviva, L Caneve, F Colao, V Lazic, L Laguardia, ...
Nuclear Materials and Energy 18, 208-211, 2019
Quasi-uniform fiber Bragg gratings
T Osuch, K Markowski, P Gasior, K Jedrzejewski
Journal of Lightwave Technology 33 (23), 4849-4856, 2015
LIBS experiments for quantitative detection of retained fuel
F Colao, S Almaviva, L Caneve, G Maddaluno, T Fornal, P Gasior, ...
Nuclear Materials and Energy 12, 133-138, 2017
Spectroscopy of the tungsten plasma produced by pulsed plasma-ion streams or laser beams
E Skladnik-Sadowska, K Malinowski, MJ Sadowski, J Wolowski, P Gasior, ...
Journal of nuclear materials 390, 847-851, 2009
Implantation and sputtering of Ge ions into SiO2 substrates with the use of Ge ions produced by repetitive laser pulses
M Rosiński, J Badziak, A Czarnecka, P Gasior, P Parys, M Pisarek, ...
Materials science in semiconductor processing 9 (4-5), 655-658, 2006
A spectroscopic study of laser ablation plasma from Mo target
K Jakubowska, M Kubkowska, A Blagoev, M Rosiński, P Parys, P Gąsior
Physica Scripta 2014 (T161), 014029, 2014
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