Tadeusz Mikolajczyk
Tadeusz Mikolajczyk
PhD, University of Science and Technology, Bydgoszcz, POLAND
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Cytowane przez
A review of indirect tool condition monitoring systems and decision-making methods in turning: Critical analysis and trends
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Between-the-holes cryogenic cooling of the tool in hole-making of Ti-6Al-4V and CFRP
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Manufacturing using robot
T Mikolajczyk
Advanced Materials Research 463, 1643-1646, 2012
Information Safety Process Development According to ISО 27001 for an industrial enterprise
NV Syreyshchikova, DY Pimenov, T Mikolajczyk, L Moldovan
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Finite element method stiffness analysis of a novel telemanipulator for minimally invasive surgery
R Trochimczuk, A Łukaszewicz, T Mikołajczyk, F Aggogeri, A Borboni
Simulation 95 (11), 1015-1025, 2019
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