Michał Saniewski
Michał Saniewski
Institute of Meteorology and Water Management National Research Institute (IMGW-PIB)
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Cytowane przez
Mercury loads into the sea associated with extreme flood
D Saniewska, M Bełdowska, J Bełdowski, A Jędruch, M Saniewski, ...
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D Saniewska, M Bełdowska, J Bełdowski, M Saniewski, M Szubska, ...
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An evaluation of the occurrence and trends in 137Cs and 40K radioactivity in King Bolete Boletus edulis mushrooms in Poland during 1995–2019
J Falandysz, T Zalewska, M Saniewski, AR Fernandes
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137Cs, 40K, and K in raw and stir-fried mushrooms from the Boletaceae family from the Midu region in Yunnan, Southwest China
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Environmental Science and Pollution Research 27, 32509-32517, 2020
Effect of drying, blanching, pickling and maceration on the fate of 40K, total K and 137Cs in bolete mushrooms and dietary intake
J Falandysz, D Meloni, AR Fernandes, M Saniewski
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 29, 742-754, 2022
Atmospheric deposition and riverine load of 90Sr and 137Cs to the Gulf of Gdańsk (southern Baltic Sea) in the period 2005–2011
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Bioaccumulation of 137Cs by benthic plants and macroinvertebrates
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Impact of distance from the glacier on the content of 137Cs and 90Sr in the lichen Cetrariella delisei
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90Sr in fish from the southern Baltic Sea, coastal lagoons and freshwater lake
T Zalewska, M Saniewski, M Suplińska, B Rubel
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Radiocaesium in Tricholoma spp. from the Northern Hemisphere in 1971–2016
J Falandysz, M Saniewski, AR Fernandes, D Meloni, L Cocchi, ...
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Alimentary exposure and elimination routes of rare earth elements (REE) in marine mammals from the Baltic Sea and Antarctic coast
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Science of The Total Environment 754, 141947, 2021
Budget of 90Sr in the Gulf of Gdańsk (southern Baltic Sea)
M Saniewski, T Zalewska
Oceanologia 60 (3), 256-263, 2018
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