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Simultaneous overexpression of both CuZn superoxide dismutase and ascorbate peroxidase in transgenic tall fescue plants confers increased tolerance to a wide range of abiotic …
SH Lee, N Ahsan, KW Lee, DH Kim, DG Lee, SS Kwak, SY Kwon, TH Kim, ...
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A proteomic approach in analyzing heat‐responsive proteins in rice leaves
DG Lee, N Ahsan, SH Lee, KY Kang, JD Bahk, IJ Lee, BH Lee
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Excess copper induced physiological and proteomic changes in germinating rice seeds
N Ahsan, DG Lee, SH Lee, KY Kang, JJ Lee, PJ Kim, HS Yoon, JS Kim, ...
Chemosphere 67 (6), 1182-1193, 2007
Comparative proteomic study of arsenic‐induced differentially expressed proteins in rice roots reveals glutathione plays a central role during As stress
N Ahsan, DG Lee, I Alam, PJ Kim, JJ Lee, YO Ahn, SS Kwak, IJ Lee, ...
Proteomics 8 (17), 3561-3576, 2008
Recent developments in the application of proteomics to the analysis of plant responses to heavy metals
N Ahsan, J Renaut, S Komatsu
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Chilling stress-induced proteomic changes in rice roots
DG Lee, N Ahsan, SH Lee, JJ Lee, JD Bahk, KY Kang, BH Lee
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Glyphosate-induced oxidative stress in rice leaves revealed by proteomic approach
N Ahsan, DG Lee, KW Lee, I Alam, SH Lee, JD Bahk, BH Lee
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 46 (12), 1062-1070, 2008
Physiological and protein profiles alternation of germinating rice seedlings exposed to acute cadmium toxicity
N Ahsan, SH Lee, DG Lee, H Lee, SW Lee, JD Bahk, BH Lee
Comptes rendus biologies 330 (10), 735-746, 2007
Fibroblasts mobilize tumor cell glycogen to promote proliferation and metastasis
M Curtis, HA Kenny, B Ashcroft, A Mukherjee, A Johnson, Y Zhang, ...
Cell metabolism 29 (1), 141-155. e9, 2019
A comparative proteomic analysis of tomato leaves in response to waterlogging stress
N Ahsan, DG Lee, SH Lee, KY Kang, JD Bahk, MS Choi, IJ Lee, J Renaut, ...
Physiologia Plantarum 131 (4), 555-570, 2007
Analysis of arsenic stress-induced differentially expressed proteins in rice leaves by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis coupled with mass spectrometry
N Ahsan, DG Lee, KH Kim, I Alam, SH Lee, KW Lee, H Lee, BH Lee
Chemosphere 78 (3), 224-231, 2010
Extracellular ATP elicits DORN1-mediated RBOHD phosphorylation to regulate stomatal aperture
D Chen, Y Cao, H Li, D Kim, N Ahsan, J Thelen, G Stacey
Nature communications 8 (1), 2265, 2017
Genetic basis of heterosis and inbreeding depression in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
MF Alam, MR Khan, M Nuruzzaman, S Parvez, AM Swaraz, I Alam, ...
Journal of Zhejiang University-SCIENCE A 5, 406-411, 2004
Lck promotes Zap70-dependent LAT phosphorylation by bridging Zap70 to LAT
WL Lo, NH Shah, N Ahsan, V Horkova, O Stepanek, AR Salomon, ...
Nature immunology 19 (7), 733-741, 2018
An approach to identify cold-induced low-abundant proteins in rice leaf
DG Lee, N Ahsan, SH Lee, KY Kang, JJ Lee, BH Lee
Comptes rendus biologies 330 (3), 215-225, 2007
Tissue-specific defense and thermo-adaptive mechanisms of soybean seedlings under heat stress revealed by proteomic approach
N Ahsan, T Donnart, MZ Nouri, S Komatsu
Journal of proteome research 9 (8), 4189-4204, 2010
A proteomic screen and identification of waterlogging-regulated proteins in tomato roots
N Ahsan, DG Lee, SH Lee, KW Lee, JD Bahk, BH Lee
Plant and Soil 295, 37-51, 2007
Soybean proteomics and its application to functional analysis
S Komatsu, N Ahsan
Journal of proteomics 72 (3), 325-336, 2009
Ozone stress‐induced proteomic changes in leaf total soluble and chloroplast proteins of soybean reveal that carbon allocation is involved in adaptation in the early …
N Ahsan, Y Nanjo, H Sawada, Y Kohno, S Komatsu
Proteomics 10 (14), 2605-2619, 2010
Differential responses of microsomal proteins and metabolites in two contrasting cadmium (Cd)-accumulating soybean cultivars under Cd stress
N Ahsan, T Nakamura, S Komatsu
Amino acids 42, 317-327, 2012
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