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Geological, geochemical and mineralogical characteristics of REE-bearing Las Mercedes bauxite deposit, Dominican Republic
L Torró, JA Proenza, T Aiglsperger, T Bover-Arnal, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 89, 114-131, 2017
Niobium and rare earth minerals from the Virulundo carbonatite, Namibe, Angola
L Torró, C Villanova, M Castillo, M Campeny, AO Gonçalves, ...
Mineralogical Magazine 76 (2), 393-409, 2012
Geochemistry and mineralogy of rare earth elements (REE) in bauxitic ores of the Catalan Coastal Range, NE Spain
N Reinhardt, JA Proenza, C Villanova-de-Benavent, T Aiglsperger, ...
Minerals 8 (12), 562, 2018
Recycling in the subduction factory: Archaean to Permian zircons in the oceanic Cretaceous Caribbean island-arc (Hispaniola)
L Torro, JA Proenza, Y Rojas-Agramonte, A Garcia-Casco, JH Yang, ...
Gondwana Research 54, 23-37, 2018
Weathering profile of the Cerro de Maimón VMS deposit (Dominican Republic): textures, mineralogy, gossan evolution and mobility of gold and silver
E Andreu, L Torró, JA Proenza, C Domenech, A Garcia-Casco, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 65, 165-179, 2015
Mineralogy, geochemistry and sulfur isotope characterization of Cerro de Maimón (Dominican Republic), San Fernando and Antonio (Cuba) lower Cretaceous VMS deposits: Formation …
L Torró, JA Proenza, JC Melgarejo, P Alfonso, JF de Pablo, JM Colomer, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 72, 794-817, 2016
Trace element composition and U-Pb ages of cassiterite from the Bolivian tin belt
L Gemmrich, L Torró, JC Melgarejo, O Laurent, J Vallance, ...
Mineralium Deposita 56, 1491-1520, 2021
Trace element geochemistry of sphalerite and chalcopyrite in arc-hosted VMS deposits
L Torró, D Benites, J Vallance, O Laurent, BA Ortiz-Benavente, ...
Journal of Geochemical Exploration 232, 106882, 2022
Petrogenesis of meta-volcanic rocks from the Maimón Formation (Dominican Republic): Geochemical record of the nascent Greater Antilles paleo-arc
L Torró, JA Proenza, C Marchesi, A Garcia-Casco, JF Lewis
Lithos 278, 255-273, 2017
Spatial and temporal controls on the distribution of indium in xenothermal vein-deposits: the Huari Huari District, Potosí, Bolivia
L Torró, JC Melgarejo, L Gemmrich, D Mollinedo, M Cazorla, Á Martínez, ...
Minerals 9 (5), 304, 2019
Distribution of indium, germanium, gallium and other minor and trace elements in polymetallic ores from a porphyry system: The Morococha district, Peru
D Benites, L Torró, J Vallance, O Laurent, PE Valverde, K Kouzmanov, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 136, 104236, 2021
Heavy metal contents in soils and native flora inventory at mining environmental liabilities in the Peruvian Andes
E Cruzado-Tafur, L Torró, K Bierla, J Szpunar, E Tauler
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 106, 103107, 2021
Geology, mineralogy, and cassiterite geochronology of the Ayawilca Zn-Pb-Ag-In-Sn-Cu deposit, Pasco, Peru
D Benites, L Torró, J Vallance, O Laurent, P Quispe, S Rosas, MF Uzieda, ...
Mineralium Deposita, 1-27, 2022
High-pressure greenschist to blueschist facies transition in the Maimón Formation (Dominican Republic) suggests mid-Cretaceous subduction of the Early Cretaceous Caribbean arc
L Torró, A Garcia-Casco, JA Proenza, IF Blanco-Quintero, ...
Lithos 266, 309-331, 2016
Indium mineralization in the volcanic dome-hosted Ánimas–Chocaya–Siete Suyos polymetallic deposit, Potosí, Bolivia
L Torró, M Cazorla, JC Melgarejo, A Camprubí, M Tarrés, L Gemmrich, ...
Minerals 9 (10), 604, 2019
The Poopó polymetallic epithermal deposit, Bolivia: mineralogy, genetic constraints, and distribution of critical elements
B Torres, JC Melgarejo, L Torró, A Camprubí, M Castillo-Oliver, D Artiaga, ...
Minerals 9 (8), 472, 2019
Towards a unified genetic model for the Au-Ag-Cu Pueblo Viejo district, central Dominican Republic
L Torró, JA Proenza, A Camprubí, CE Nelson, H Domínguez, C Carrasco, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 89, 463-494, 2017
Re-Os and U-Pb geochronology of the Doña Amanda and Cerro Kiosko deposits, Bayaguana district, Dominican Republic: Looking down for the porphyry Cu-Mo roots of the Pueblo Viejo …
L Torró, A Camprubí, JA Proenza, P León, HJ Stein, JF Lewis, CE Nelson, ...
Economic Geology 112 (4), 829-853, 2017
Re-Os dating of molybdenite from the Pueblo Viejo Au-Ag-Cu and Douvray Cu-Au districts, Hispaniola
CE Nelson, H Stein, H Dominguez, C Carrasco, T Barrie, L Torró, ...
Economic Geology 110 (4), 1101-1110, 2015
Discovery of REE minerals hosted in karst bauxite ores from the Sierra de Bahoruco, Pedernales, Dominican Republic
JA Proenza, T Aiglsperger, C Villanova-de-Benavent, L Torró, ...
Proceedings of the 14th SGA Biennial Meeting, Québec City, QC, Canada, 20-23, 2017
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