Phillip G. D. Ward
Phillip G. D. Ward
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Factors associated with brain ageing-a systematic review
J Wrigglesworth, P Ward, IH Harding, D Nilaweera, Z Wu, RL Woods, ...
BMC neurology 21 (1), 312, 2021
Simultaneous task-based BOLD-fMRI and [18-F] FDG functional PET for measurement of neuronal metabolism in the human visual cortex
SD Jamadar, PGD Ward, S Li, F Sforazzini, J Baran, Z Chen, GF Egan
Neuroimage 189, 258-266, 2019
Calibrating hourly rainfall-runoff models with daily forcings for streamflow forecasting applications in meso-scale catchments
JC Bennett, DE Robertson, PGD Ward, HAP Hapuarachchi, QJ Wang
Environmental Modelling & Software 76, 20-36, 2016
Longitudinal evaluation of iron concentration and atrophy in the dentate nuclei in friedreich ataxia
PGD Ward, IH Harding, TG Close, LA Corben, MB Delatycki, E Storey, ...
Movement Disorders 34 (3), 335-343, 2019
Metabolic and hemodynamic resting-state connectivity of the human brain: a high-temporal resolution simultaneous BOLD-fMRI and FDG-fPET multimodality study
SD Jamadar, PGD Ward, EX Liang, ER Orchard, Z Chen, GF Egan
Cerebral Cortex 31 (6), 2855-2867, 2021
Relationship between parenthood and cortical thickness in late adulthood
ER Orchard, PGD Ward, F Sforazzini, E Storey, GF Egan, SD Jamadar
PloS one 15 (7), e0236031, 2020
Boosting moving object indexing through velocity partitioning
T Nguyen, Z He, R Zhang, P Ward
arXiv preprint arXiv:1205.6697, 2012
Simultaneous BOLD-fMRI and constant infusion FDG-PET data of the resting human brain
SD Jamadar, PGD Ward, TG Close, A Fornito, M Premaratne, K O’Brien, ...
Scientific data 7 (1), 363, 2020
Timescales of spontaneous fMRI fluctuations relate to structural connectivity in the brain
J Fallon, PGD Ward, L Parkes, S Oldham, A Arnatkevičiūtė, A Fornito, ...
Network Neuroscience 4 (3), 788-806, 2020
Combining images and anatomical knowledge to improve automated vein segmentation in MRI
PGD Ward, NJ Ferris, P Raniga, DL Dowe, ACL Ng, DG Barnes, GF Egan
NeuroImage, 2017
Real-time continuous intersection joins over large sets of moving objects using graphic processing units
PGD Ward, Z He, R Zhang, J Qi
The VLDB Journal 23, 965-985, 2014
Neuroprotective effects of motherhood on brain function in late life: a resting-state fMRI study
ER Orchard, PGD Ward, S Chopra, E Storey, GF Egan, SD Jamadar
Cerebral Cortex 31 (2), 1270-1283, 2021
Individual differences in haemoglobin concentration influence bold fMRI functional connectivity and its correlation with cognition
PGD Ward, ER Orchard, S Oldham, A Arnatkevičiūtė, F Sforazzini, ...
NeuroImage 221, 117196, 2020
Analysis of continuous infusion functional PET (fPET) in the human brain
S Li, SD Jamadar, PGD Ward, M Premaratne, GF Egan, Z Chen
NeuroImage 213, 116720, 2020
Effective self-management for early career researchers in the natural and life sciences
NZ Bielczyk, A Ando, AP Badhwar, C Caldinelli, M Gao, A Haugg, ...
Neuron 106 (2), 212-217, 2020
Brain-predicted age difference is associated with cognitive processing in later-life
J Wrigglesworth, N Yaacob, P Ward, RL Woods, J McNeil, E Storey, ...
Neurobiology of aging 109, 195-203, 2022
Improved quantification of cerebral vein oxygenation using partial volume correction
PGD Ward, AP Fan, P Raniga, DG Barnes, DL Dowe, ACL Ng, GF Egan
Front. Neurosci. 11: 89. doi: 10.3389/fnins, 2017
Serial assessment of iron in the motor cortex in limb-onset amyotrophic lateral sclerosis using quantitative susceptibility mapping
A Bhattarai, Z Chen, PGD Ward, P Talman, S Mathers, TG Phan, ...
Quantitative imaging in medicine and surgery 10 (7), 1465, 2020
Metabolic and functional connectivity provide unique and complementary insights into cognition-connectome relationships
K Voigt, EX Liang, B Misic, PGD Ward, GF Egan, SD Jamadar
Cerebral Cortex 33 (4), 1476-1488, 2023
Radiotracer administration for high temporal resolution positron emission tomography of the human brain: application to FDG-fPET
SD Jamadar, PGD Ward, A Carey, R McIntyre, L Parkes, D Sasan, ...
JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), e60259, 2019
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