Kaiser Hamid, PhD
Kaiser Hamid, PhD
Technical officer-Teaching & Research Laboratories
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
The pentacyclic triterpenoids in herbal medicines and their pharmacological activities in diabetes and diabetic complications
A Alqahtani, K Hamid, A Kam, KH Wong, Z Abdelhak, ...
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AHM Zulfiker, MM Rahman, MK Hossain, K Hamid, MEH Mazumder, ...
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CC Duke, VH Tran, RK Duke, A Abu-Mellal, GT Plunkett, DI King, K Hamid, ...
Phytochemistry 134, 87-97, 2017
In vitro Free radical scavenging and brine shrimp lethality bioassay of aqueous extract of Ficus racemosa seed
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An Investigation of the Differential Effects of Ursane Triterpenoids from Centella asiatica, and Their Semisynthetic Analogues, on GABAA Receptors
K Hamid, I Ng, VJ Tallapragada, L Váradi, DE Hibbs, J Hanrahan, ...
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Chemical control of root and collar rot of chilies
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K Hamid, MO Ullah, S Sultana, MA Howlader, D Basak, F Nasrin, ...
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Co-pyrolysis and catalytic co-pyrolysis of waste tyres with oil palm empty fruit bunches.
R Alias, KHK Hamid, KN Ismail
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The differential effects of resveratrol and trans-ε-viniferin on the GABA-induced current in GABAA receptor subtypes expressed in Xenopus laevis oocytes
PW Groundwater, K Hamid, I Ng, VJ Tallapragada, DE Hibbs, J Hanrahan
Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences 18 (4), 328-338, 2015
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