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Aditya Pratapa
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Benchmarking algorithms for gene regulatory network inference from single-cell transcriptomic data
A Pratapa, AP Jalihal, JN Law, A Bharadwaj, TM Murali
Nature Methods 17 (2), 147-154, 2020
Image-based cell phenotyping with deep learning.
A Pratapa, M Doron, JC Caicedo
Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 65, 9-17, 2021
Fast-SL: an efficient algorithm to identify synthetic lethal sets in metabolic networks
A Pratapa, S Balachandran, K Raman
Bioinformatics 31 (20), 3299-3305, 2015
Multiple Myeloma DREAM Challenge reveals epigenetic regulator PHF19 as marker of aggressive disease
MJ Mason, C Schinke, CLP Eng, F Towfic, F Gruber, A Dervan, BS White, ...
Leukemia 34 (7), 1866-1874, 2020
Mapping the spatial proteome of head and neck tumors: key immune mediators and metabolic determinants in the tumor microenvironment
N Jhaveri, B Ben Cheikh, N Nikulina, N Ma, D Klymyshyn, J DeRosa, ...
GEN Biotechnology 2 (5), 418-434, 2023
Reconstructing signaling pathways using regular language constrained paths
MJ Wagner, A Pratapa, TM Murali
Bioinformatics 35 (14), i624-i633, 2019
Computational prediction of synthetic lethals in genome-scale metabolic models using fast-SL
K Raman, A Pratapa, O Mohite, S Balachandran
Metabolic network reconstruction and modeling: methods and protocols, 315-336, 2018
Out of distribution generalization via interventional style transfer in single-cell microscopy
WM Pernice, M Doron, A Quach, A Pratapa, S Kenjeyev, N De Veaux, ...
Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern …, 2023
Deep ultrahigh-plex spatial phenotyping of human cancer tissues
N Jhaveri, N Nikulina, H Zong, N Ma, BB Cheikh, A Pratapa, Y Kassim, ...
Cancer Research 82 (12_Supplement), 3877-3877, 2022
CrossPlan: systematic planning of genetic crosses to validate mathematical models
A Pratapa, N Adames, P Kraikivski, N Franzese, JJ Tyson, J Peccoud, ...
Bioinformatics 34 (13), 2237–2244, 2018
Single-cell spatial proteomic analysis by multiplexed imaging enables identification of microglial heterogeneity in Alzheimer’s disease human brain
P Sanchez-Molina, A Pratapa, N Nikulina, B Cheikh, J Singh, A Dhawan, ...
Deep spatial phenotyping of microglial populations and pathological features in Alzheimer’s disease brains using CODEX Multiplexed Imaging
P Sanchez‐Molina, A Pratapa, J Singh, A Chiot, A Bogachuk, N Nikulina, ...
Alzheimer's & Dementia 18, e066433, 2022
654MO High dimensional immuno-phenotyping of immunotherapy response in head and neck cancer
KJ O'Byrne, N Ma, H Sadeghirad, N Jhaveri, J Monkman, A Pratapa, ...
Annals of Oncology 33, S841, 2022
Integration of high-plex tumor-Immune phenotyping and checkpoint interactions for deeper spatial characterization of human cancer tissues
S Bodbin, N Ma, A Pratapa, N Nikulina, J Monkman, N Jhaveri, H Elofsson, ...
Cancer Research 84 (6_Supplement), 1525-1525, 2024
Mutational analysis and spatial phenotyping to decipher racial disparities in pancreatic adenocarcinoma
DJ Salas-Escabillas, N Ma, BB Cheikh, A Pratapa, T Pichardo, K Langley, ...
Cancer Research 84 (6_Supplement), 3651-3651, 2024
Ultrahigh-plex spatial phenotyping of head and neck cancer tissue uncovers multiomic signatures of immunotherapy response
A Pratapa, L Hernandez, BB Cheikh, N Jhaveri, A Kulasinghe
Cancer Research 84 (6_Supplement), 5503-5503, 2024
Comparative spatial analyses of the tumor immune landscape in different mouse models of glioblastoma
D Klymyshyn, N Jhaveri, A Pratapa, N Nikulina, TH Tam, N Nelson, ...
Cancer Research 84 (6_Supplement), 3763-3763, 2024
Integrating ultrahigh-plex spatial phenotyping: From discovery to clinical applications
A Pratapa, N Ma, N Jhaveri
Cancer Research 84 (6_Supplement), 5504-5504, 2024
A spatio-temporal approach to mapping the dynamics of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma progression and immunotherapy response: A journey through TiME
N Jhaveri, B Ben Cheikh, D Klymyshyn, N Ma, A Pratapa, J Monkman, ...
Cancer Research 84 (6_Supplement), 6872-6872, 2024
124 Location, location, location: spatial analysis of ultrahigh-plex immunofluorescence panel in head and neck cancer
Q Vu, N Jhaveri, A Pratapa, C Paustian, T Moudgil, V Rajamanickam, ...
Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer 11 (Suppl 1), 2023
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