Francesco Plastina
Francesco Plastina
Professor, UNICAL
Zweryfikowany adres z fis.unical.it
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Protecting entanglement via the quantum Zeno effect
S Maniscalco, F Francica, RL Zaffino, N Lo Gullo, F Plastina
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F Plastina, A Alecce, TJG Apollaro, G Falcone, G Francica, F Galve, ...
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G Francica, FC Binder, G Guarnieri, MT Mitchison, J Goold, F Plastina
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Non-Markovianity, Loschmidt echo, and criticality: A unified picture
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G Manzano, F Plastina, R Zambrini
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Quantum-state transfer via resonant tunneling through local-field-induced barriers
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F Plastina, TJG Apollaro
Physical review letters 99 (17), 177210, 2007
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