Christoph Scheven
Christoph Scheven
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Asymptotically regular problems I: Higher integrability
C Scheven, T Schmidt
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A Gastel, C Scheven
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C Scheven, T Schmidt
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C Scheven
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C Scheven
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BV supersolutions to equations of 1-Laplace and minimal surface type
C Scheven, T Schmidt
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Dimension reduction for the singular set of biharmonic maps
C Scheven
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V Bögelein, C Scheven
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V Bögelein, F Duzaar, J Kinnunen, C Scheven
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Gradient potential estimates in non-linear elliptic obstacle problems with measure data
C Scheven
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C Scheven
Regularity for subquadratic parabolic systems: higher integrability and dimension estimates
C Scheven
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On Frobenius-destabilized rank-2 vector bundles over curves
C Scheven, C Pauly
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V Bögelein, F Duzaar, P Marcellini, C Scheven
Rendiconti Lincei 29 (4), 739-772, 2018
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