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Giacomo Montereale Gavazzi
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Evaluation of seabed mapping methods for fine-scale benthic habitat classification in extremely shallow environments–Application to the Venice Lagoon, Italy
GM Gavazzi, F Madricardo, M Sigovini, L Janowski, A Kruss, P Blondel, ...
Estu. Coast. Shelf Sci., under revision, 2015
Seafloor change detection using multibeam echosounder backscatter: case study on the Belgian part of the North Sea
G Montereale-Gavazzi, M Roche, X Lurton, K Degrendele, N Terseleer, ...
Marine Geophysical Research 39, 229-247, 2018
High resolution multibeam and hydrodynamic datasets of tidal channels and inlets of the Venice Lagoon
F Madricardo, F Foglini, A Kruss, C Ferrarin, NM Pizzeghello, C Murri, ...
Scientific data 4 (1), 1-14, 2017
Limitations of Predicting Substrate Classes on a Sedimentary Complex but Morphologically Simple Seabed
M Diesing, PJ Mitchell, E O’Keeffe, GOA Gavazzi, TL Bas
Remote Sensing 12 (20), 3398, 2020
Insights into the short-term tidal variability of multibeam backscatter from field experiments on different seafloor types
G Montereale-Gavazzi, M Roche, K Degrendele, X Lurton, N Terseleer, ...
Geosciences 9 (1), 34, 2019
Tidal inlets in the Anthropocene: Geomorphology and benthic habitats of the Chioggia inlet, Venice Lagoon (Italy)
S Fogarin, F Madricardo, L Zaggia, M Sigovini, G Montereale‐Gavazzi, ...
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 44 (11), 2297-2315, 2019
Monitoring of the impact of the extraction of marine aggregates, in casu sand, in the zone of the Hinder Banks
V Van Lancker, M Baeye, G Montereale Gavazzi, D Van den Eynde
Scientific Report, 2011-2015, 2016
Assessment of submerged aquatic vegetation abundance using multibeam sonar in very shallow and dynamic environment. The Lagoon of Venice (Italy) case study
K Aleksandra, M Fantina, S Marco, C Ferrarin, MG Giacomo
2015 IEEE/OES Acoustics in Underwater Geosciences Symposium (RIO Acoustics), 1-7, 2015
Subtidal natural hard substrate quantitative habitat mapping: interlinking underwater acoustics and optical imagery with machine learning
G Montereale Gavazzi, DA Kapasakali, F Kerchof, S Deleu, S Degraer, ...
Remote Sensing 13 (22), 4608, 2021
Acoustic seafloor classification using the Weyl transform of multibeam echosounder backscatter mosaic
T Zhao, G Montereale Gavazzi, S Lazendić, Y Zhao, A Pižurica
Remote Sensing 13 (9), 1760, 2021
Development of Seafloor Mapping Strategies Supporting Integrated Marine Management. Application of Seafloor Backscatter by Multibeam Echosounders
G Montereale-Gavazzi
Ph. D. Thesis, 2019
Actualisatie van de initiële beoordeling voor de Belgische mariene wateren
B Staat, V Van Lancker, L Kint, G Montereale-Gavazzi
Kaderrichtlijn Mariene Strategie–Art 8, 2018
Fysische verstoring en verlies van de zeebodem (D6)
V Van Lancker, L Kint, G Montereale-Gavazzi, Belgische Staat, 2018
Belgische Staat. Art 17, 2018
Kaderrichtlijn Mariene Strategie
L Kint, G Montereale Gavazzi, V Van Lancker
Beschrijvend element 6, 2018
High resolution multibeam and hydrodynamic datasets of tidal channels and inlets of the Venice Lagoon, scientific data, 4, 170121
F Madricardo, F Foglini, A Kruss, C Ferrarin, NM Pizzeghello, C Murri, ...
Classification of multibeam sonar image using the Weyl transform
T Zhao, S Lazendić, Y Zhao, G Montereale-Gavazzi, A Pižurica
International Conference on Image Processing and Communications, 206-213, 2019
Northern Europe’s suitability for offshore European flat oyster (Ostrea edulis) habitat restoration based on population dynamics
B Stechele, L Barbut, G Lacroix, LA van Duren, V Van Lancker, S Degraer, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 10, 1224346, 2023
INDI67: Developments of Indicators to improve monitoring of MSFD descriptors 6 and 7
M Fettweis, E Toorman, R Verney, M Chapalain, S Legrand, X Lurton, ...
Final Report. Brussels, Belgian Science Policy Office. BRAIN-be-Belgian …, 2020
Insitu appraisal of near-bed and water-column particle transport on MBES backscatter
G Montereale-Gavazzi, J De Bisschop, M Roche, K Degrendele, M Baeye, ...
GeoHAB Biological and Geological seabed mapping Conference, 1-5, 2017
Analyse van de huidige status van de bodemfauna in de bodembeschermingszones in de Vlaamse Banken. Federale Overheidsdienst Volksgezondheid, Veiligheid Van De Voedselketen En …
I De Mesel, V Van Lancker, D Kapasakali, G Montereale Gavazzi, ...
MM/SVG/16013, 2017
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