Greg J Neil
Greg J Neil
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Cytowane przez
Who am I? Representing the self offline and in different online contexts
L Emanuel, GJ Neil, C Bevan, DS Fraser, SV Stevenage, MT Whitty, ...
Computers in Human Behavior 41, 146-152, 2014
Comparing machine learning classifiers and linear/logistic regression to explore the relationship between hand dimensions and demographic characteristics
O Miguel-Hurtado, R Guest, SV Stevenage, GJ Neil, S Black
PloS one 11 (11), e0165521, 2016
Hearing faces and seeing voices: The integration and interaction of face and voice processing
SV Stevenage, GJ Neil
Psychologica Belgica 54 (3), 266-281, 2014
The effect of distraction on face and voice recognition
SV Stevenage, GJ Neil, J Barlow, A Dyson, C Eaton-Brown, B Parsons
Psychological research 77, 167-175, 2013
Implicit learning of conjunctive rule sets: An alternative to artificial grammars
GJ Neil, PA Higham
Consciousness and Cognition 21 (3), 1393-1400, 2012
Auditory hindsight bias: Fluency misattribution versus memory reconstruction.
PA Higham, GJ Neil, DM Bernstein
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 43 (6 …, 2017
Recognition by association: Within‐and cross‐modality associative priming with faces and voices
SV Stevenage, S Hale, Y Morgan, GJ Neil
British Journal of Psychology 105 (1), 1-16, 2014
The relationship between handwritten signature production and personality traits
O Miguel-Hurtado, R Guest, SV Stevenage, GJ Neil
IEEE International Joint Conference on Biometrics, 1-8, 2014
When the face fits: Recognition of celebrities from matching and mismatching faces and voices
SV Stevenage, GJ Neil, I Hamlin
Memory 22 (3), 284-294, 2014
Repeated exposure to exemplars does not enhance implicit learning: A puzzle for models of learning and memory
GJ Neil, PA Higham
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 73 (3), 309-329, 2020
A sound effect: E xploration of the distinctiveness advantage in voice recognition
SV Stevenage, GJ Neil, B Parsons, A Humphreys
Applied Cognitive Psychology 32 (5), 526-536, 2018
Biometrics within the superidentity project: a new approach to spanning multiple identity domains
R Guest, O Miguel-Hurtado, SV Stevenage, GJ Neil, S Black
2014 International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology (ICCST), 1-6, 2014
May I speak freely? The difficulty in vocal identity processing across free and scripted speech
SV Stevenage, R Tomlin, GJ Neil, AE Symons
Journal of Nonverbal Behavior 45 (1), 149-163, 2021
Testing the reliability of hands and ears as biometrics: the importance of viewpoint
SV Stevenage, C Walpole, GJ Neil, SM Black
Psychological research 79, 989-999, 2015
Can you trust what you hear? Concurrent misinformation affects recall memory and judgments of guilt.
GJ Neil, PA Higham, S Fox
Journal of experimental psychology: general 150 (9), 1741, 2021
Cyber warfare: A multidisciplinary analysis
D Hodges, S Creese
An assessment of the human performance of iris identification
RM Guest, H He, SV Stevenage, GJ Neil
2013 IEEE International Conference on Technologies for Homeland Security …, 2013
Can You Trust What You Hear? Perceptual Misinformation Affects Recall Memory and Judgements of Guilt.
GJ Neil, PA Higham, S Fox
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 2019
Don't Trust What You Hear
G Neil, S Fox, PA Higham
Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society, 2018
Matching and Mismatching Faces and Voices When the face fits: Recognition of Celebrities from
SV Stevenage, GJ Neil, I Hamlin
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