Yoichi Yamada
Yoichi Yamada
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Highly oriented monolayer graphite formation on Pt (1 1 1) by a supersonic methane beam
H Ueta, M Saida, C Nakai, Y Yamada, M Sasaki, S Yamamoto
Surface science 560 (1-3), 183-190, 2004
Moiré contrast in the local tunneling barrier height images of monolayer graphite on Pt (111)
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Origin of spin-orbit splitting for monolayers of Au and Ag on W (110) and Mo (110)
AM Shikin, A Varykhalov, GV Prudnikova, D Usachov, VK Adamchuk, ...
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Single-domain surface fabricated by electromigration
Y Yamada, A Girard, H Asaoka, H Yamamoto, S Shamoto
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Adsorption and disruption of lipid bilayers by nanoscale protein aggregates
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H Shichibe, Y Satake, K Watanabe, A Kinjyo, A Kunihara, Y Yamada, ...
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High-performance planar-type electron source based on a graphene-oxide-semiconductor structure
K Murakami, J Miyaji, R Furuya, M Adachi, M Nagao, Y Neo, Y Takao, ...
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Moire-like distribution of local tunneling barrier height of the monolayer graphite adsorbed on Pt (111) surface
Y Yamada, A Sinsarp, M Sasaki, S Yamamoto
Japanese journal of applied physics 41 (12R), 7501, 2002
Overlapping of Frontier Orbitals in Well-Defined Dinaphtho[2,3-b:2′,3′-f]thieno[3,2-b]-thiophene and Picene Monolayers
Y Hasegawa, Y Yamada, T Hosokai, KR Koswattage, M Yano, ...
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Microscopic study on the work function reduction induced by Cs-adsorption
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Myeloid Differentiation Factor 88 Signaling in Bone Marrow–Derived Cells Promotes Gastric Tumorigenesis by Generation of Inflammatory Microenvironment
Y Maeda, K Echizen, H Oshima, L Yu, N Sakulsak, O Hirose, Y Yamada, ...
Cancer Prevention Research 9 (3), 253-263, 2016
PAAQD: Predicting immunogenicity of MHC class I binding peptides using amino acid pairwise contact potentials and quantum topological molecular similarity descriptors
T Saethang, O Hirose, I Kimkong, VA Tran, XT Dang, LAT Nguyen, TKT Le, ...
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Local tunneling barrier height measurement on Au (111)
Y Yamada, A Sinsarp, M Sasaki, S Yamamoto
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The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (52), 29027-29037, 2015
Preparation of Schottky contacts on n-type Mg2Si single crystalline substrate
K Sekino, M Midonoya, H Udono, Y Yamada
Physics Procedia 11, 171-173, 2011
Controlling the surface chirality of Si (110)
Y Yamada, A Girard, H Asaoka, H Yamamoto, S Shamoto
Physical Review B 77 (15), 153305, 2008
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