Thiago Seike Nakahara
Thiago Seike Nakahara
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Variation in olfactory neuron repertoires is genetically controlled and environmentally modulated
X Ibarra-Soria, TS Nakahara, J Lilue, Y Jiang, C Trimmer, MAA Souza, ...
Elife 6, e21476, 2017
Detection of pup odors by non-canonical adult vomeronasal neurons expressing an odorant receptor gene is influenced by sex and parenting status
TS Nakahara, LM Cardozo, X Ibarra-Soria, AD Bard, V Carvalho, ...
BMC biology 14 (1), 1-20, 2016
Lack of spatial segregation in the representation of pheromones and kairomones in the mouse medial amygdala
VMA Carvalho, TS Nakahara, LM Cardozo, MAA Souza, AP Camargo, ...
Frontiers in neuroscience 9, 283, 2015
Behavioral assays in the study of olfaction: a practical guide
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Transcription Factor 4 loss-of-function is associated with deficits in progenitor proliferation and cortical neuron content
F Papes, AP Camargo, JS de Souza, VMA Carvalho, RA Szeto, ...
Nature Communications 13 (1), 2387, 2022
Peripheral oxytocin injection modulates vomeronasal sensory activity and reduces pup-directed aggression in male mice
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AP Camargo, TS Nakahara, LER Firmino, PHM Netto, JBP do Nascimento, ...
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A 3D transcriptomics atlas of the mouse nose sheds light on the anatomical logic of smell
MLRT Segura, E Abou Moussa, E Garabello, TS Nakahara, M Makhlouf, ...
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MLRT Segura, EA Moussa, E Garabello, TS Nakahara, M Makhlouf, ...
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Detection of activated mouse neurons with temporal resolution via dual c-Fos staining
TS Nakahara, VM de Andrade Carvalho, MA de Andrade Souza, ...
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The strange case of aggression and the brain
VMA Carvalho, TS Nakahara, F Papes
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Caracterização molecular e funcional de receptores da classe OR expressos no órgão vomeronasal de mamíferos
TS Nakahara
Universidade Estadual de Campinas. Instituto de Biologia, 2014
Expression of DNA repair genes is modulated during differentiation of olfactory sensory neurons
FT Rowies, CMPF Batalha, TS Nakahara, B Malnic, NC de Souza-Pinto
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A 3D transcriptomics atlas of the mouse nose sheds light into the anatomical logic of smell
ML Segura, R Tejada, EH Abou Moussa, E Garabello, TS Nakahara, ...
Investigation of Activated Mouse Olfactory Sensory Neurons via Combined Immunostaining and in situ Hybridization
VM de Andrade Carvalho, TS Nakahara, F Papes
JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), e62150, 2021
Genetic Background Effects on the Expression of an Odorant Receptor Gene
AG Leme Silva, MH Nagai, TS Nakahara, B Malnic
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From Synapse to Supper: A Food Preference Recipe with Olfactory Synaptic Ingredients
TS Nakahara, VMA Carvalho, F Papes
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Uncovering long non-coding RNAs in the olfactory sensory organs
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CHEMICAL SENSES 45 (2), 146-147, 2020
Influence of sexual experience on olfactory sensory activity in mice.
PG Ribeiro, P Magalhães, TS Nakahara, F Papes
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