Vijayasatya N Chaganti
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Cytowane przez
Leaching and reclamation of a biochar and compost amended saline–sodic soil with moderate SAR reclaimed water
VN Chaganti, DM Crohn, J Šimůnek
Agricultural Water Management 158, 255-265, 2015
Evaluating the relative contribution of physiochemical and biological factors in ameliorating a saline–sodic soil amended with composts and biochar and leached with reclaimed water
VN Chaganti, DM Crohn
Geoderma 259, 45-55, 2015
Effects of treated urban wastewater irrigation on bioenergy sorghum and soil quality
VN Chaganti, G Ganjegunte, G Niu, A Ulery, R Flynn, JM Enciso, MN Meki, ...
Agricultural Water Management 228, 105894, 2020
Historical perspective of soil balancing theory and identifying knowledge gaps: A review
VN Chaganti, SW Culman
Crop, Forage & Turfgrass Management 3 (1), 1-7, 2017
Effects of gypsum application rate and frequency on corn response to nitrogen
VN Chaganti, SW Culman, WA Dick, D Kost
Agronomy Journal 111 (3), 1109-1117, 2019
Yield response of canola as a biofuel feedstock and soil quality changes under treated urban wastewater irrigation and soil amendment application
VN Chaganti, G Ganjegunte, G Niu, A Ulery, JM Enciso, R Flynn, N Meki, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 170, 113659, 2021
Base cation saturation ratios, soil health, and yield in organic field crops
VN Chaganti, SW Culman, C Herms, CD Sprunger, C Brock, A Leiva Soto, ...
Agronomy Journal 113 (5), 4190-4200, 2021
Base cation saturation ratios vs. sufficiency level of nutrients: A false dichotomy in practice
SW Culman, C Brock, D Doohan, D Jackson‐Smith, C Herms, ...
Agronomy Journal 113 (6), 5623-5634, 2021
Composts as post-fire erosion control treatments and their effect on runoff water quality
DM Crohn, VN Chaganti, N Reddy
Transactions of the ASABE 56 (2), 423-435, 2013
Comparing the effect of different irrigation water scenarios on arid region pecan orchard using a system dynamics approach
SS Palmate, S Kumar, T Poulose, GK Ganjegunte, VN Chaganti, Z Sheng
Agricultural Water Management 265, 107547, 2022
Response of soil microbial Communities, inorganic and organic soil carbon pools in arid saline soils to alternative land use practices
AC Somenahally, J McLawrence, VN Chaganti, GK Ganjegunte, ...
Ecological Indicators 150, 110227, 2023
Response of soil organic carbon and soil health indicators to treated wastewater irrigation in bioenergy sorghum production on an arid soil
VN Chaganti, G Ganjegunte, A Somenahally, WL Hargrove, A Ulery, ...
Land Degradation & Development 32 (6), 2197-2209, 2021
Switchgrass biomass yield and composition and soil quality as affected by treated wastewater irrigation in an arid environment
VN Chaganti, G Ganjegunte, MN Meki, JR Kiniry, G Niu
Biomass and Bioenergy 151, 106160, 2021
Evaluation of compost blankets for erosion control and runoff water quality on a constructed hillslope in southern California
VN Chaganti, DM Crohn
Transactions of the ASABE 57 (2), 403-416, 2014
Evaluation of quinoa genotypes for their salinity tolerance at germination and seedling stages
VN Chaganti, GK Ganjegunte
Agrosystems, Geosciences & Environment 5 (1), e20255, 2022
Ohio grain crop response to sulfur fertilization
L Fleuridor, A Fulford, LE Lindsey, E Lentz, H Watters, A Dorrance, ...
Agronomy Journal 115 (4), 2007-2016, 2023
Evaluating the potential of biochars and composts as organic amendments to remediate a saline-sodic soil leached with reclaimed water
VSN Chaganti
University of California, Riverside, 2014
Characterizing Water Holding Capacity and Runoff during Composting of Greenwaste and Biosolids
N Reddy, DM Crohn, FF Ernst, VN Chaganti
Compost science & utilization 21 (3-4), 164-176, 2013
Salinity, Water Use Efficiency and Yield Under Sprinkler and Surge Irrigation Methods in Pecan Orchards of the West Texas
GK Ganjegunte, VN Chaganti, W Hargrove
ASA, CSSA and SSSA International Annual Meetings (2020)| VIRTUAL, 2020
Quinoa growth and yield performance under salinity stress in arid West Texas
VN Chaganti, GK Ganjegunte
Agrosystems, Geosciences & Environment 7 (2), e20493, 2024
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