Azhar Zam
Azhar Zam
Biomedical Engineering, University of Basel, Switzerland
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Wavefront correction and high-resolution in vivo OCT imaging with an objective integrated multi-actuator adaptive lens
S Bonora, Y Jian, P Zhang, A Zam, EN Pugh, RJ Zawadzki, MV Sarunic
Optics express 23 (17), 21931-21941, 2015
Advances in bone marrow stem cell therapy for retinal dysfunction
SS Park, E Moisseiev, G Bauer, JD Anderson, MB Grant, A Zam, ...
Progress in retinal and eye research 56, 148-165, 2017
Adaptive-optics SLO imaging combined with widefield OCT and SLO enables precise 3D localization of fluorescent cells in the mouse retina
RJ Zawadzki, P Zhang, A Zam, EB Miller, M Goswami, X Wang, RS Jonnal, ...
Biomedical optics express 6 (6), 2191-2210, 2015
In vivo wide-field multispectral scanning laser ophthalmoscopy–optical coherence tomography mouse retinal imager: longitudinal imaging of ganglion cells, microglia, and Müller …
P Zhang, A Zam, Y Jian, X Wang, Y Li, KS Lam, ME Burns, MV Sarunic, ...
Journal of biomedical optics 20 (12), 126005, 2015
Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy for optical soft tissue differentiation as remote feedback control for tissue‐specific laser surgery
F Stelzle, K Tangermann‐Gerk, W Adler, A Zam, M Schmidt, A Douplik, ...
Lasers in Surgery and Medicine: The Official Journal of the American Society …, 2010
Optical nerve detection by diffuse reflectance spectroscopy for feedback controlled oral and maxillofacial laser surgery
F Stelzle, A Zam, W Adler, K Tangermann-Gerk, A Douplik, E Nkenke, ...
Journal of translational medicine 9 (1), 1-9, 2011
Feasibility of correlation mapping optical coherence tomography (cmOCT) for anti‐spoof sub‐surface fingerprinting
A Zam, R Dsouza, HM Subhash, ML O'Connell, J Enfield, K Larin, ...
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Nano-sensitive optical coherence tomography
SA Alexandrov, HM Subhash, A Zam, M Leahy
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Rapid light-induced activation of retinal microglia in mice lacking Arrestin-1
ES Levine, A Zam, P Zhang, A Pechko, X Wang, P FitzGerald, EN Pugh Jr, ...
Vision research 102, 71-79, 2014
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy as a potential tool for autocarbonization detection in laserosteotomy
H Abbasi, G Rauter, R Guzman, PC Cattin, A Zam
Journal of biomedical optics 23 (7), 071206, 2018
In vivo optical tissue differentiation by diffuse reflectance spectroscopy: preliminary results for tissue-specific laser surgery
F Stelzle, W Adler, A Zam, K Tangermann-Gerk, C Knipfer, A Douplik, ...
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H Abbasi, L Beltrán, G Rauter, R Guzman, PC Cattin, A Zam
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Effect of scanning beam size on the lateral resolution of mouse retinal imaging with SLO
P Zhang, M Goswami, A Zam, EN Pugh, RJ Zawadzki
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Characterization of ablated porcine bone and muscle using laser-induced acoustic wave method for tissue differentiation
HK Nguendon, N Faivre, B Meylan, S Shevchik, G Rauter, R Guzman, ...
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Differentiation of femur bone from surrounding soft tissue using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy as a feedback system for smart laserosteotomy
H Abbasi, G Rauter, R Guzman, PC Cattin, A Zam
Biophotonics: photonic solutions for better health care VI 10685, 1068519, 2018
Comparison of acoustic shock waves generated by micro and nanosecond lasers for a smart laser surgery system
HKN Kenhagho, G Rauter, R Guzman, PC Cattin, A Zam
Advanced Biomedical and Clinical Diagnostic and Surgical Guidance Systems …, 2018
Plasma plume expansion dynamics in nanosecond Nd: YAG laserosteotome
H Abbasi, G Rauter, R Guzman, PC Cattin, A Zam
High-Speed Biomedical Imaging and Spectroscopy III: Toward Big Data …, 2018
Effect of laser pulse duration on ablation efficiency of hard bone in microseconds regime
L Beltran, H Abbasi, G Rauter, N Friederich, P Cattin, A Zam
Third International Conference on Applications of Optics and Photonics 10453 …, 2017
Limitations of cancer margin delineation by means of autofluorescence imaging under conditions of laser surgery
A Douplik, A Zam, R Hohenstein, A Kalitzeos, E Nkenke, F Stelzle
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Characterization of ablated bone and muscle for long-pulsed laser ablation in dry and wet conditions
H Nguendon Kenhagho, S Shevchik, F Saeidi, N Faivre, B Meylan, ...
Materials 12 (8), 1338, 2019
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