Michael Freedberg
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Persistent enhancement of hippocampal network connectivity by parietal rTMS is reproducible
M Freedberg, JA Reeves, AC Toader, MS Hermiller, JL Voss, ...
Eneuro 6 (5), 2019
Comparing the effects of positive and negative feedback in information-integration category learning
M Freedberg, B Glass, JV Filoteo, E Hazeltine, WT Maddox
Memory & cognition 45 (1), 12-25, 2017
Are there age-related differences in the ability to learn configural responses?
R Clark, M Freedberg, E Hazeltine, MW Voss
PloS one 10 (8), e0137260, 2015
Identifying site-and stimulation-specific TMS-evoked EEG potentials using a quantitative cosine similarity metric
M Freedberg, JA Reeves, SJ Hussain, KA Zaghloul, EM Wassermann
PLoS One 15 (1), e0216185, 2020
Incidental learning and task boundaries.
M Freedberg, TT Wagschal, E Hazeltine
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition 40 (6), 1680, 2014
Competitive and cooperative interactions between medial temporal and striatal learning systems
M Freedberg, AC Toader, EM Wassermann, JL Voss
Neuropsychologia 136, 107257, 2020
Age differences in episodic associative learning.
R Clark, E Hazeltine, M Freedberg, MW Voss
Psychology and aging 33 (1), 144, 2018
Prism adaptation modulates connectivity of the intraparietal sulcus with multiple brain networks
S Schintu, M Freedberg, SJ Gotts, CA Cunningham, ZM Alam, ...
Cerebral Cortex 30 (9), 4747-4758, 2020
Separating the effect of reward from corrective feedback during learning in patients with Parkinson's disease
M Freedberg, J Schacherer, KH Chen, EY Uc, NS Narayanan, E Hazeltine
Cognitive, Behavioral, & Affective Neuroscience 17, 678-695, 2017
Optimizing hippocampal-cortical network modulation via repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation: a dose-finding study using the continual reassessment method
M Freedberg, JA Reeves, AC Toader, MS Hermiller, E Kim, ...
Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface 23 (3), 366-372, 2020
Left-shifting prism adaptation boosts reward-based learning
S Schintu, M Freedberg, ZM Alam, S Shomstein, EM Wassermann
cortex 109, 279-286, 2018
Callosal anisotropy predicts attentional network changes after parietal inhibitory stimulation
S Schintu, CA Cunningham, M Freedberg, P Taylor, SJ Gotts, ...
Neuroimage 226, 117559, 2021
Incidental learning of rewarded associations bolsters learning on an associative task.
M Freedberg, J Schacherer, E Hazeltine
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition 42 (5), 786, 2016
Striking a chord with healthy aging: memory system cooperation is related to preserved configural response learning in older adults
MW Voss, R Clark, M Freedberg, T Weng, E Hazeltine
Neurobiology of aging 63, 44-53, 2018
Simultaneous training on overlapping grapheme phoneme correspondences augments learning and retention
TC Roembke, MV Freedberg, E Hazeltine, B McMurray
Journal of experimental child psychology 191, 104731, 2020
Multiple parietal pathways are associated with rTMS-induced hippocampal network enhancement and episodic memory changes
M Freedberg, CA Cunningham, CM Fioriti, J Murillo, JA Reeves, ...
NeuroImage 237, 118199, 2021
Group environments and visuospatial attention in patients with TBI
M Freedberg, J Lynch, J Ryan
Scientia Discipulorum: SUNY Plattsburgh, 2011
Reproducing the effect of hippocampal network-targeted transcranial magnetic stimulation on episodic memory
MV Freedberg, JA Reeves, CM Fioriti, J Murillo, EM Wassermann
Behavioural Brain Research 419, 113707, 2022
A Direct Test of Competitive Versus Cooperative Episodic–Procedural Network Dynamics in Human Memory
MV Freedberg, JA Reeves, CM Fioriti, J Murillo, JL Voss, ...
Cerebral Cortex, 2022
Hippocampal and caudate network specificity is altered in older adults
MV Freedberg
bioRxiv, 2022
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