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Hyobin Yoo
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Cytowane przez
Atomic and electronic reconstruction at the van der Waals interface in twisted bilayer graphene
H Yoo, R Engelke, S Carr, S Fang, K Zhang, P Cazeaux, SH Sung, ...
Nature materials 18 (5), 448-453, 2019
Tunable spin-polarized correlated states in twisted double bilayer graphene
X Liu, Z Hao, E Khalaf, JY Lee, Y Ronen, H Yoo, D Haei Najafabadi, ...
Nature 583 (7815), 221-225, 2020
Photonic crystals for nano-light in moiré graphene superlattices
SS Sunku, GX Ni, BY Jiang, H Yoo, A Sternbach, AS McLeod, T Stauber, ...
Science 362 (6419), 1153-1156, 2018
Heterointerface effects in the electrointercalation of van der Waals heterostructures
DK Bediako, M Rezaee, H Yoo, DT Larson, SYF Zhao, T Taniguchi, ...
Nature 558 (7710), 425-429, 2018
Broken mirror symmetry in excitonic response of reconstructed domains in twisted MoSe 2/MoSe 2 bilayers
J Sung, Y Zhou, G Scuri, V Zólyomi, TI Andersen, H Yoo, DS Wild, AY Joe, ...
Nature Nanotechnology 15 (9), 750-754, 2020
Growth and characterizations of GaN micro-rods on graphene films for flexible light emitting diodes
K Chung, H Beak, Y Tchoe, H Oh, H Yoo, M Kim, GC Yi
Apl Materials 2 (9), 2014
Gallium nitride nanostructures for light-emitting diode applications
MS Kang, CH Lee, JB Park, H Yoo, GC Yi
Nano energy 1 (3), 391-400, 2012
Microstructures of GaN thin films grown on graphene layers.
H Yoo, K Chung, YS Choi, CS Kang, KH Oh, M Kim, GC Yi
Advanced Materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) 24 (4), 515-518, 2011
Position‐and morphology‐controlled ZnO nanostructures grown on graphene layers
YJ Kim, H Yoo, CH Lee, JB Park, H Baek, M Kim, GC Yi
Advanced Materials 24 (41), 5565-5569, 2012
Sign-Reversing Hall Effect in Atomically Thin High-Temperature Superconductors
SYF Zhao, N Poccia, MG Panetta, C Yu, JW Johnson, H Yoo, R Zhong, ...
Physical Review Letters 122 (24), 247001, 2019
Flexible GaN Light-Emitting Diodes Using GaN Microdisks Epitaxial Laterally Overgrown on Graphene Dots.
K Chung, H Yoo, JK Hyun, H Oh, Y Tchoe, K Lee, H Baek, M Kim, GC Yi
Advanced Materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) 28 (35), 7688-7694, 2016
Nano-photocurrent mapping of local electronic structure in twisted bilayer graphene
SS Sunku, AS McLeod, T Stauber, H Yoo, D Halbertal, G Ni, A Sternbach, ...
Nano Letters 20 (5), 2958-2964, 2020
Microstructural defects in GaN thin films grown on chemically vapor-deposited graphene layers
H Yoo, K Chung, S In Park, M Kim, GC Yi
Applied Physics Letters 102 (5), 2013
Structural-relaxation-driven electron doping of amorphous oxide semiconductors by increasing the concentration of oxygen vacancies in shallow-donor states
HW Yeon, SM Lim, JK Jung, H Yoo, YJ Lee, HY Kang, YJ Park, M Kim, ...
NPG Asia Materials 8 (3), e250, 2016
Emergent Interfacial Superconductivity between Twisted Cuprate Superconductors
SY Zhao, N Poccia, X Cui, PA Volkov, H Yoo, R Engelke, Y Ronen, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2108.13455, 2021
Time-reversal symmetry breaking superconductivity between twisted cuprate superconductors
SYF Zhao, X Cui, PA Volkov, H Yoo, S Lee, JA Gardener, AJ Akey, ...
Science 382 (6677), 1422-1427, 2023
GaN light-emitting diodes on glass substrates with enhanced electroluminescence
JH Choi, HY Ahn, YS Lee, K Park, TH Kim, KS Cho, CW Baik, SI Kim, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (43), 22942-22948, 2012
High-resolution observation of nucleation and growth behavior of nanomaterials using a graphene template.
J Jo, H Yoo, SI Park, JB Park, S Yoon, M Kim, GC Yi
Advanced Materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) 26 (13), 2011-2015, 2014
Operando electron microscopy investigation of polar domain dynamics in twisted van der Waals homobilayers
K Ko, A Yuk, R Engelke, S Carr, J Kim, D Park, H Heo, HM Kim, SG Kim, ...
Nature Materials 22 (8), 992-998, 2023
Anomalous optical excitations from arrays of whirlpooled lattice distortions in moiré superlattices
J Kim, E Ko, J Jo, M Kim, H Yoo, YW Son, H Cheong
Nature Materials 21 (8), 890-895, 2022
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