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Approaches and challenges to the study of loess—Introduction to the LoessFest Special Issue
RJ Schaetzl, EA Bettis, O Crouvi, KE Fitzsimmons, DA Grimley, ...
Quaternary Research 89 (3), 563-618, 2018
Application of eccentric growth of trees as a tool for landslide analyses: The example of Picea abies Karst. in the Carpathian and Sudeten Mountains (Central Europe)
M Wistuba, I Malik, H Gärtner, P Kojs, P Owczarek
Catena 111, 41-55, 2013
Complex landslide terrain in the Kamienne Mountains, middle Sudetes, SW Poland
P Migoń, T Pánek, I Malik, J Hrádecký, P Owczarek, K Šilhán
Geomorphology 124 (3-4), 200-214, 2010
Geomorphological, pedological and dendrochronological signatures of a relict landslide terrain, Mt Garbatka (Kamienne Mts), SW Poland
P Migoń, A Kacprzak, I Malik, M Kasprzak, P Owczarek, M Wistuba, ...
Geomorphology 219, 213-231, 2014
Dendrochronological records of debris flow and avalanche activity in a mid-mountain forest zone (Eastern Sudetes-Central Europe)
I Malik, P Owczarek
Surface processes and interactions with forest vegetation on a steep mudstone slope, Stołowe Mountains, SW Poland
Ł Pawlik, P Migoń, P Owczarek, A Kacprzak
Catena 109, 203-216, 2013
Flood‐plain responses to contemporary climate change in small H igh‐A rctic basins (S valbard, N orway)
P Owczarek, A Nawrot, K Migała, I Malik, B Korabiewski
Boreas 43 (2), 384-402, 2014
Towards improving the Central Asian dendrochronological network—new data from Tajikistan, Pamir-Alay
M Opała, T Niedźwiedź, O Rahmonov, P Owczarek, Ł Małarzewski
Dendrochronologia 41, 10-23, 2017
Simultaneous use of trace metals, 210Pb and 137Cs in floodplain sediments of a lowland river as indicators of anthropogenic impacts
E Łokas, P Wachniew, D Ciszewski, P Owczarek, ND Chau
Water, Air, and Soil Pollution 207 (1), 57-71, 2010
The influence of abiotic factors on the growth of two vascular plant species (Saxifraga oppositifolia and Salix polaris) in the High Arctic
M Opała-Owczarek, E Pirożnikow, P Owczarek, W Szymański, B Luks, ...
Catena 163, 219-232, 2018
Reconstruction of modern debris flow activity in the arctic environment with the use of dwarf shrubs (south-western Spitsbergen)–a new dendrochronological approach
P Owczarek, A Latocha, M Wistuba, I Malik
Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie 57 (3), 75-95, 2013
Hillslope deposits in gravel-bed rivers and their effects on the evolution of alluvial channel forms: A case study from the Sudetes and Carpathian Mountains
P Owczarek
Geomorphology 98 (1-2), 111-125, 2008
Dendrochronology and extreme pointer years in the tree-ring record (AD 1951–2011) of polar willow from southwestern Spitsbergen (Svalbard, Norway)
P Owczarek, M Opała
Geochronometria 43 (1), 84-95, 2016
Mass movements of differing magnitude and frequency in a developing high-mountain area of the Moxi basin, Hengduan Mts, China–A hazard assessment
I Malik, M Wistuba, Y Tie, P Owczarek, B Woskowicz-Ślęzak, ...
Applied geography 87, 54-65, 2017
Tree rings as an indicator of atmospheric pollutant deposition to subalpine spruce forests in the Sudetes (Southern Poland)
M Godek, M Sobik, M Błaś, Ż Polkowska, P Owczarek, A Bokwa
Atmospheric Research 151, 259-268, 2015
Dendrochronological dating of geomorphic processes in the High Arctic
P Owczarek
Landform Analysis 14, 45-56, 2010
Climatic and human impact on episodic alluviation in small mountain valleys, the Sudetes
K Klimek, I Malik, P Owczarek, E Zygmunt
Współczesny system morfogenetyczny gór stołoWych
P Migoń, A LAtochA, K PArzóch, M KAsPrzAK, P Owczarek, M Witek, ...
Geoekologiczne warunki środowiska przyrodniczego Gór Stołowych, WIND …, 2011
100 Years of earthquakes in the Pamir region as recorded in juniper wood: A case study of Tajikistan
P Owczarek, M Opała-Owczarek, O Rahmonov, M Mendecki
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 138, 173-185, 2017
Talus cone activity recorded by tree-rings of Arctic dwarf shrubs: a study case from SW Spitsbergen, Norway
P Owczarek
Geologija 52 (1-4), 34-39, 2010
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