Yuan Cao
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Unconventional superconductivity in magic-angle graphene superlattices
Y Cao, V Fatemi, S Fang, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, E Kaxiras, ...
Nature 556 (7699), 43-50, 2018
Correlated insulator behaviour at half-filling in magic-angle graphene superlattices
Y Cao, V Fatemi, A Demir, S Fang, SL Tomarken, JY Luo, ...
Nature 556 (7699), 80-84, 2018
Tunable correlated states and spin-polarized phases in twisted bilayer–bilayer graphene
Y Cao, D Rodan-Legrain, O Rubies-Bigorda, JM Park, K Watanabe, ...
Nature 583 (7815), 215-220, 2020
Superlattice-induced insulating states and valley-protected orbits in twisted bilayer graphene
Y Cao, JY Luo, V Fatemi, S Fang, JD Sanchez-Yamagishi, K Watanabe, ...
Physical Review Letters 117 (11), 116804, 2016
Nearly flat Chern bands in moiré superlattices
YH Zhang, D Mao, Y Cao, P Jarillo-Herrero, T Senthil
Physical Review B 99 (7), 075127, 2019
A MoTe2-based light-emitting diode and photodetector for silicon photonic integrated circuits
YQ Bie, G Grosso, M Heuck, MM Furchi, Y Cao, J Zheng, D Bunandar, ...
Nature nanotechnology 12 (12), 1124, 2017
Tunable strongly coupled superconductivity in magic-angle twisted trilayer graphene
JM Park, Y Cao, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, P Jarillo-Herrero
Nature 590 (7845), 249-255, 2021
Strange metal in magic-angle graphene with near Planckian dissipation
Y Cao, D Chowdhury, D Rodan-Legrain, O Rubies-Bigorda, K Watanabe, ...
Physical Review Letters 124 (7), 076801, 2020
Electrically tunable low-density superconductivity in a monolayer topological insulator
V Fatemi, S Wu, Y Cao, L Bretheau, QD Gibson, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, ...
Science 362 (6417), 926-929, 2018
Cascade of phase transitions and Dirac revivals in magic-angle graphene
U Zondiner, A Rozen, D Rodan-Legrain, Y Cao, R Queiroz, T Taniguchi, ...
Nature 582 (7811), 203-208, 2020
Mapping the twist-angle disorder and Landau levels in magic-angle graphene
A Uri, S Grover, Y Cao, JA Crosse, K Bagani, D Rodan-Legrain, ...
Nature 581 (7806), 47-52, 2020
Nematicity and competing orders in superconducting magic-angle graphene
Y Cao, D Rodan-Legrain, JM Park, NFQ Yuan, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, ...
Science 372 (6539), 264-271, 2021
Electronic compressibility of magic-angle graphene superlattices
SL Tomarken, Y Cao, A Demir, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, ...
Physical review letters 123 (4), 046601, 2019
Pauli-limit violation and re-entrant superconductivity in moiré graphene
Y Cao, JM Park, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, P Jarillo-Herrero
Nature 595 (7868), 526-531, 2021
Entropic evidence for a Pomeranchuk effect in magic-angle graphene
A Rozen, JM Park, U Zondiner, Y Cao, D Rodan-Legrain, T Taniguchi, ...
Nature 592 (7853), 214-219, 2021
Flavour Hund’s coupling, Chern gaps and charge diffusivity in moiré graphene
JM Park, Y Cao, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, P Jarillo-Herrero
Nature 592 (7852), 43-48, 2021
Giant intrinsic photoresponse in pristine graphene
Q Ma, CH Lui, JCW Song, Y Lin, JF Kong, Y Cao, TH Dinh, NL Nair, ...
Nature nanotechnology 14 (2), 145-150, 2019
Highly tunable junctions and non-local Josephson effect in magic-angle graphene tunnelling devices
D Rodan-Legrain, Y Cao, JM Park, SC de la Barrera, MT Randeria, ...
Nature Nanotechnology 16 (7), 769-775, 2021
Formation of hexagonal pattern of ferrofluid in magnetic field
Y Cao, ZJ Ding
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 355, 93-99, 2014
Collective excitations in twisted bilayer graphene close to the magic angle
NCH Hesp, I Torre, D Rodan-Legrain, P Novelli, Y Cao, S Carr, S Fang, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1910.07893, 2019
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