Qi Lei
Qi Lei
Associate Research Scholar at ECE Department, Princeton University
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Gradient coding: Avoiding stragglers in distributed learning
R Tandon, Q Lei, AG Dimakis, N Karampatziakis
International Conference on Machine Learning, 3368-3376, 2017
Hessian-based analysis of large batch training and robustness to adversaries
Z Yao, A Gholami, Q Lei, K Keutzer, MW Mahoney
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Stabilizing Gradients for Deep Neural Networks via Efficient SVD Parameterization
J Zhang, Q Lei, I Dhillon
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SS Du, W Hu, SM Kakade, JD Lee, Q Lei
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Discrete Adversarial Attacks and Submodular Optimization with Applications to Text Classification
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Efficient and non-convex coordinate descent for symmetric nonnegative matrix factorization
A Vandaele, N Gillis, Q Lei, K Zhong, I Dhillon
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Coordinate-wise Power Method
Q Lei, K Zhong, IS Dhillon
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Predicting what you already know helps: Provable self-supervised learning
JD Lee, Q Lei, N Saunshi, J Zhuo
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Inverting deep generative models, one layer at a time
Q Lei, A Jalal, IS Dhillon, AG Dimakis
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A greedy approach for budgeted maximum inner product search
HF Yu, CJ Hsieh, Q Lei, IS Dhillon
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Cat: Customized adversarial training for improved robustness
M Cheng, Q Lei, PY Chen, I Dhillon, CJ Hsieh
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Random Warping Series: A Random Features Method for Time-Series Embedding
L Wu, IEH Yen, J Yi, F Xu, Q Lei, M Witbrock
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Similarity Preserving Representation Learning for Time Series Clustering
Q Lei, J Yi, R Vaculín, L Wu, IS Dhillon
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SGD Learns One-Layer Networks in WGANs
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Similarity Preserving Representation Learning for Time Series Clustering.
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Vectorization of line drawing image based on junction analysis
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Last iterate convergence in no-regret learning: constrained min-max optimization for convex-concave landscapes
Q Lei, SG Nagarajan, I Panageas, X Wang
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Doubly greedy primal-dual coordinate descent for sparse empirical risk minimization
Q Lei, IEH Yen, C Wu, IS Dhillon, P Ravikumar
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Solving Inverse Problems with a Flow-based Noise Model
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International Conference on Machine Learning, 11146-11157, 2021
First assembly times and equilibration in stochastic coagulation-fragmentation
TC Maria R D’Orsogna, Qi Lei
The Journal of chemical physics, 2015
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