Artur Krężel
Artur Krężel
Department of Chemical Biology, University of Wroclaw
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A formula for correlating pKa values determined in D2O and H2O
A Krȩżel, W Bal
Journal of inorganic biochemistry 98 (1), 161-166, 2004
Zinc-buffering capacity of a eukaryotic cell at physiological pZn
A Krężel, W Maret
JBIC Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry 11 (8), 1049-1062, 2006
Dual nanomolar and picomolar Zn (II) binding properties of metallothionein
A Krȩżel, W Maret
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (35), 10911-10921, 2007
The zinc/thiolate redox biochemistry of metallothionein and the control of zinc ion fluctuations in cell signaling
A Krężel, Q Hao, W Maret
Archives of biochemistry and biophysics 463 (2), 188-200, 2007
Concentrations of extracellular free zinc (pZn) e in the central nervous system during simple anesthetization, ischemia and reperfusion
CJ Frederickson, LJ Giblin, A Krężel, DJ McAdoo, RN Muelle, Y Zeng, ...
Experimental neurology 198 (2), 285-293, 2006
The biological inorganic chemistry of zinc ions
A Krężel, W Maret
Archives of biochemistry and biophysics 611, 3-19, 2016
Cellular zinc and redox buffering capacity of metallothionein/thionein in health and disease
W Maret, A Krężel
Molecular medicine 13 (7), 371-375, 2007
Coordination of heavy metals by dithiothreitol, a commonly used thiol group protectant
A Krȩżel, W Leśniak, M Jeżowska-Bojczuk, P Młynarz, J Brasuñ, ...
Journal of inorganic biochemistry 84 (1-2), 77-88, 2001
Vesicular zinc promotes presynaptic and inhibits postsynaptic long-term potentiation of mossy fiber-CA3 synapse
E Pan, X Zhang, Z Huang, A Krezel, M Zhao, CE Tinberg, SJ Lippard, ...
Neuron 71 (6), 1116-1126, 2011
Thionein/metallothionein control Zn (II) availability and the activity of enzymes
A Krężel, W Maret
JBIC Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry 13 (3), 401-409, 2008
Different redox states of metallothionein/thionein in biological tissue
A Krężel, W Maret
Biochemical Journal 402 (3), 551-558, 2007
Synaptic release of zinc from brain slices: factors governing release, imaging, and accurate calculation of concentration
CJ Frederickson, LJ Giblin III, B Rengarajan, R Masalha, CJ Frederickson, ...
Journal of neuroscience methods 154 (1-2), 19-29, 2006
Coordination properties of tris (2-carboxyethyl) phosphine, a newly introduced thiol reductant, and its oxide
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Inorganic chemistry 42 (6), 1994-2003, 2003
Relationship between the architecture of zinc coordination and zinc binding affinity in proteins–insights into zinc regulation
T Kochańczyk, A Drozd, A Krężel
Metallomics 7 (2), 244-257, 2015
Coordination chemistry of glutathione
A Krężel, W Bal
Acta Biochimica Polonica 46 (3), 567-580, 1999
Short peptides are not reliable models of thermodynamic and kinetic properties of the N‐terminal metal binding site in serum albumin
M Sokolowska, A Krezel, M Dyba, Z Szewczuk, W Bal
European journal of biochemistry 269 (4), 1323-1331, 2002
The functions of metamorphic metallothioneins in zinc and copper metabolism
A Krężel, W Maret
International journal of molecular sciences 18 (6), 1237, 2017
Encyclopedia of Metalloproteins.
RH Kretsinger, VN Uversky, EA Permyakov
Springer, 2013
Studies of zinc (II) and nickel (II) complexes of GSH, GSSG and their analogs shed more light on their biological relevance
A Krezel, W Bal
Bioinorganic chemistry and applications 2 (3-4), 293-305, 2004
Correlations between Complexation Modes and Redox Activities of Ni (II)− GSH Complexes
A Krȩżel, W Szczepanik, M Sokołowska, M Jeżowska-Bojczuk, W Bal
Chemical research in toxicology 16 (7), 855-864, 2003
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