Andrea Gambassi
Andrea Gambassi
SISSA - International School for Advanced Studies, Trieste (Italy)
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Cytowane przez
Direct measurement of critical Casimir forces
C Hertlein, L Helden, A Gambassi, S Dietrich, C Bechinger
Nature 451 (7175), 172-175, 2008
Ageing properties of critical systems
P Calabrese, A Gambassi
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FM Surace, PP Mazza, G Giudici, A Lerose, A Gambassi, M Dalmonte
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The Casimir effect: From quantum to critical fluctuations
A Gambassi
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Prethermalization in a nonintegrable quantum spin chain after a quench
M Marcuzzi, J Marino, A Gambassi, A Silva
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O Vasilyev, A Gambassi, A Maciołek, S Dietrich
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Large deviations and universality in quantum quenches
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Quantum quenches as classical critical films
A Gambassi, P Calabrese
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Nonadditivity of critical Casimir forces
S Paladugu, A Callegari, Y Tuna, L Barth, S Dietrich, A Gambassi, ...
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Short-time universal scaling in an isolated quantum system after a quench
A Chiocchetta, M Tavora, A Gambassi, A Mitra
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Aging in ferromagnetic systems at criticality near four dimensions
P Calabrese, A Gambassi
Physical Review E 65 (6), 066120, 2002
Aging and coarsening in isolated quantum systems after a quench: Exact results for the quantum model with
A Maraga, A Chiocchetta, A Mitra, A Gambassi
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Impact of nonequilibrium fluctuations on prethermal dynamical phase transitions in long-range interacting spin chains
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Quasilocalized dynamics from confinement of quantum excitations
A Lerose, FM Surace, PP Mazza, G Perfetto, M Collura, A Gambassi
Physical Review B 102 (4), 041118, 2020
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