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Cytowane przez
Expanded encyclopaedias of DNA elements in the human and mouse genomes
JE Moore, MJ Purcaro, HE Pratt, CB Epstein, N Shoresh, J Adrian, T Kawli, ...
Nature 583 (7818), 699-710, 2020
Transcriptome-wide isoform-level dysregulation in ASD, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder
MJ Gandal, P Zhang, E Hadjimichael, RL Walker, C Chen, S Liu, H Won, ...
Science 362 (6420), eaat8127, 2018
Comprehensive functional genomic resource and integrative model for the human brain
D Wang, S Liu, J Warrell, H Won, X Shi, FCP Navarro, D Clarke, M Gu, ...
Science 362 (6420), eaat8464, 2018
Integrative functional genomic analysis of human brain development and neuropsychiatric risks
M Li, G Santpere, Y Imamura Kawasawa, OV Evgrafov, FO Gulden, ...
Science 362 (6420), eaat7615, 2018
Transcriptome and epigenome landscape of human cortical development modeled in organoids
A Amiri, G Coppola, S Scuderi, F Wu, T Roychowdhury, F Liu, ...
Science 362 (6420), eaat6720, 2018
Unique Toll-Like Receptor 4 Activation by NAMPT/PBEF Induces NFκB Signaling and Inflammatory Lung Injury.
GJG Camp SM, Ceco E, Evenoski CL, Danilov SM, Zhou T, Chiang ET, Moreno ...
Sci Rep. 5, 2015
An integrative ENCODE resource for cancer genomics
J Zhang, D Lee, V Dhiman, P Jiang, J Xu, P McGillivray, H Yang, J Liu, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 3696, 2020
Using Ethereum blockchain to store and query pharmacogenomics data via smart contracts
G Gürsoy, CM Brannon, M Gerstein
BMC medical genomics 13, 1-11, 2020
Spatial confinement is a major determinant of the folding landscape of human chromosomes
G Gürsoy, Y Xu, AL Kenter, J Liang
Nucleic acids research 42 (13), 8223-8230, 2014
Revealing the brain's molecular architecture
PsychENCODE Consortium*
Science 362 (6420), 1262-1263, 2018
Data sanitization to reduce private information leakage from functional genomics
G Gürsoy, P Emani, CM Brannon, OA Jolanki, A Harmanci, JS Strattan, ...
Cell 183 (4), 905-917. e16, 2020
Mechanical signaling on the single protein level studied using steered molecular dynamics
GZ Genchev, M Källberg, G Gürsoy, A Mittal, L Dubey, O Perisic, G Feng, ...
Cell biochemistry and biophysics 55 (3), 141-152, 2009
Functional genomics data: privacy risk assessment and technological mitigation
G Gürsoy, T Li, S Liu, E Ni, CM Brannon, MB Gerstein
Nature Reviews Genetics 23 (4), 245-258, 2022
First unseeded hydrothermal synthesis of microporous vanadosilicate AM-6
MN Ismail, ND Fraiman, DM Callahan Jr, G Gursoy, E Viveiros, O Ozkanat, ...
Microporous and mesoporous materials 120 (3), 454-459, 2009
Computationally efficient measure of topological redundancy of biological and social networks
R Albert, B DasGupta, R Hegde, GS Sivanathan, A Gitter, G Gürsoy, ...
Physical Review E—Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 84 (3 …, 2011
Recurrent repeat expansions in human cancer genomes
GS Erwin, G Gürsoy, R Al-Abri, A Suriyaprakash, E Dolzhenko, K Zhu, ...
Nature 613 (7942), 96-102, 2023
The EN-TEx resource of multi-tissue personal epigenomes & variant-impact models
J Rozowsky, J Gao, B Borsari, YT Yang, T Galeev, G Gürsoy, CB Epstein, ...
Cell 186 (7), 1493-1511. e40, 2023
Privacy-preserving genotype imputation with fully homomorphic encryption
G Gürsoy, E Chielle, CM Brannon, M Maniatakos, M Gerstein
Cell systems 13 (2), 173-182. e3, 2022
Using blockchain to log genome dataset access: efficient storage and query
G Gürsoy, R Bjornson, ME Green, M Gerstein
BMC medical genomics 13, 1-9, 2020
Storing and analyzing a genome on a blockchain
G Gürsoy, CM Brannon, E Ni, S Wagner, A Khanna, M Gerstein
Genome biology 23 (1), 134, 2022
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