Gerard Ledwich
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Power quality enhancement using custom power devices
A Ghosh, G Ledwich
Springer science & business media, 2012
Improvement of stability and load sharing in an autonomous microgrid using supplementary droop control loop
R Majumder, B Chaudhuri, A Ghosh, R Majumder, G Ledwich, F Zare
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Optimal planning of electric-vehicle charging stations in distribution systems
Z Liu, F Wen, G Ledwich
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Renewable energy sources and frequency regulation: survey and new perspectives
H Bevrani, A Ghosh, G Ledwich
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Compensation of distribution system voltage using DVR
A Ghosh, G Ledwich
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Optimal siting and sizing of distributed generators in distribution systems considering uncertainties
Z Liu, F Wen, G Ledwich
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Power management and power flow control with back-to-back converters in a utility connected microgrid
R Majumder, A Ghosh, G Ledwich, F Zare
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Coordinated control of grid-connected photovoltaic reactive power and battery energy storage systems to improve the voltage profile of a residential distribution feeder
MN Kabir, Y Mishra, G Ledwich, ZY Dong, KP Wong
IEEE Transactions on industrial Informatics 10 (2), 967-977, 2014
A decentralized bilateral energy trading system for peer-to-peer electricity markets
M Khorasany, Y Mishra, G Ledwich
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Load compensating DSTATCOM in weak AC systems
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R Majumder, A Ghosh, G Ledwich, F Zare
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Power system stabilizer based on adaptive control techniques
A Ghosh, G Ledwich, OP Malik, GS Hope
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R Majumder, G Ledwich, A Ghosh, S Chakrabarti, F Zare
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Demand response for residential appliances via customer reward scheme
C Vivekananthan, Y Mishra, G Ledwich, F Li
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MA Kashem, ADT Le, M Negnevitsky, G Ledwich
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Angle droop versus frequency droop in a voltage source converter based autonomous microgrid
R Majumder, A Ghosh, G Ledwich, F Zare
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Inclusion of PMU current phasor measurements in a power system state estimator
S Chakrabarti, E Kyriakides, G Ledwich, A Ghosh
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A Ghosh, G Ledwich
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A novel fuzzy logic approach to transformer fault diagnosis
SM Islam, T Wu, G Ledwich
IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and electrical Insulation 7 (2), 177-186, 2000
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