Michał Szermer
Michał Szermer
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Cytowane przez
Ion sensitive field effect transistor modelling for multidomain simulation purposes
M Janicki, M Daniel, M Szermer, A Napieralski
Microelectronics Journal 35 (10), 831-840, 2004
Design and modelling of smart sensor dedicated for water pollution monitoring
M Szermer, M Daniel, A Napieralski
Proc. of the NSTI Nanotech 2003 Conference 1, 110-114, 2003
The evolution of MEMS and modelling methodologies
A Napieralski, M Napieralska, M Szermer, C Maj
COMPEL-The international journal for computation and mathematics in …, 2012
Design of the test ASIC for on-line temperature monitoring and thermal structure analysis
M Szermer, Z Kulesza, M Janicki, A Napieralski
Mixed Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems - MIXDES, 317-320, 2008
Application of a genetic algorithm for dimension optimization of the MEMS-based accelerometer
M Melnyk, A Kernytskyy, M Lobur, M Szermer, P Zajac, W Zabierowski
Mixed Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems - MIXDES, 352-354, 2013
Macro model of capacitive MEMS accelerometer in CADENCE environment
C Maj, M Szermer, A Napieralski, B Kirjusha, A Tchkalov, P Michalik
2016 17th International Conference on Thermal, Mechanical and Multi-Physics …, 2016
Test ASIC for real time estimation of chip temperature
M Szermer, Z Kulesza, M Janicki, A Napieralski
The NSTI Nanotech 2008 Conference, 529-532, 2008
FEM Analysis of a 3D Model of a Capacitive Surface-micromachined Accelerometer
M Szermer, J Nazdrowicz, W Zabierowski
2017 14th International Conference The Experience of Designing and …, 2017
Library of Chemfet for the eldo environment
A Napieralski, W Wojciak, M Daniel, M Szermer
SEWING Project Report, 2001
Analysis of the effectiveness of core swapping in modern multicore processors
P Zajac, M Szermer, M Janicki, C Maj, P Pietrzak, A Napieralski
Thermal Investigations of ICs and Systems - THERMINIC, 385-388, 2013
Ion-selective sensors modeling for CAD
M Daniel, M Szermer, A Napieralski, W Wroblewski, A Dybko
Mixed Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems - MIXDES, 20-22, 2002
Influence of geometry scaling on comb-drive accelerometer performance
M Szermer, P Zajac, L Starzak, W Zabierowski
2018 XIV-th International Conference on Perspective Technologies and Methods …, 2018
Capacitive MEMS accelerometer with open-loop switched-capacitor readout circuit
M Szermer, P Amrozik, P Zając, C Maj, A Napieralski
International Journal of Microelectronics and Computer Science 8 (4), 2017
Evaluating the impact of scaling on temperature in FinFET-technology multicore processors
P Zajac, M Janicki, M Szermer, A Napieralski
Microelectronics Journal (in press), 2014
Analytical Thermo-electric Model of Uncooled Microbolometer
P Zając, C Maj, M Szermer, M Lobur, A Napieralski
Machine Dynamics Research 37 (3), 2015
Mixed signal ASIC controller for satellite medium power DC/DC converters
KR Skup, P Orleański, W Nowosielski, M Jankowski, G Jabłoński, ...
2015 22nd International Conference Mixed Design of Integrated Circuits …, 2015
Dedicated thermal emulator for analysis of thermal coupling in many-core processors
M Szermer, M Janicki, P Zajac, L Kotynia, M Jankowski, A Napieralski
Microelectronics Journal 45 (7), 960-965, 2014
Recent research in VLSI, MEMS and power devices with practical application to the ITER and DREAM projects
A Napieralski, C Maj, M Szermer, P Zajac, W Zabierowski, M Napieralska, ...
Facta universitatis-series: Electronics and Energetics 27 (4), 561-588, 2014
Electrothermal FEM Simulation of Uncooled Titanium-based Microbolometer
P Zajac, C Maj, M Szermer, W Zabierowski, A Napieralski, M Lobur
VIII-th International Conference on Perspective Technologies and Methods in …, 2012
Test ASIC for investigation of thermal coupling in Many-Core Architectures
M Szermer, C Maj, P Pietrzak, M Janicki, P Zajac, A Napieralski
Thermal Measurement, Modeling and Management Symposium - SEMI-THERM, 135-138, 2012
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