Debjit Paul
Debjit Paul
Postdoctoral Researcher at EPFL
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Cytowane przez
Refiner: Reasoning feedback on intermediate representations
D Paul, M Ismayilzada, M Peyrard, B Borges, A Bosselut, R West, ...
EACL 2024, 2023
Ranking and Selecting Multi-Hop Knowledge Paths to Better Predict Human Needs
D Paul, A Frank
NAACL 2019, 2019
Argumentative Relation Classification with Background Knowledge
D Paul, J Opitz, M Becker, J Kobbe, G Hirst, A Frank
Computational Models of Argument (COMMA 2020) 326, 319-330, 2020
Social Commonsense Reasoning with Multi-Head Knowledge Attention
D Paul, A Frank
EMNLP 2020, 2020
Handling Noisy Labels for Robustly Learning from Self-Training Data for Low-Resource Sequence Labeling
D Paul, M Singh, MA Hedderich, D Klakow
NAACL-SRW 2019, 2019
COINS: Dynamically Generating COntextualized Inference Rules for Narrative Story Completion
D Paul, A Frank
ACL 2021, 2021
Explaining arguments with background knowledge: Towards knowledge-based argumentation analysis
M Becker, I Hulpuş, J Opitz, D Paul, J Kobbe, H Stuckenschmidt, A Frank
Datenbank-Spektrum 20, 131-141, 2020
CO-NNECT: A framework for revealing commonsense knowledge paths as explicitations of implicit knowledge in texts
M Becker, K Korfhage, D Paul, A Frank
arXiv preprint arXiv:2105.03157, 2021
Flows: Building blocks of reasoning and collaborating ai
M Josifoski, L Klein, M Peyrard, Y Li, S Geng, JP Schnitzler, Y Yao, J Wei, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2308.01285, 2023
Generating Hypothetical Events for Abductive Inference
D Paul, A Frank
Proceedings of *SEM 2021: The Tenth Joint Conference on Lexical and …, 2021
A Novel Approach to Face Detection using Image Parsing and Morphological Analysis
A Maity, S Dasgupta, D Paul
Int. J. Comput. Trends Technol 23 (4), 155-161, 2015
CRAB: Assessing the Strength of Causal Relationships Between Real-world Events
A Romanou, S Montariol, D Paul, L Laugier, K Aberer, A Bosselut
EMNLP 2023, 2023
CRoW: Benchmarking Commonsense Reasoning in Real-World Tasks
M Ismayilzada, D Paul, S Montariol, M Geva, A Bosselut
EMNLP 2023, 2023
Language Model Decoding as Likelihood-Utility Alignment
M Josifoski, M Peyrard, F Rajic, J Wei, D Paul, V Hartmann, B Patra, ...
EACL 2023, 2022
Making Reasoning Matter: Measuring and Improving Faithfulness of Chain-of-Thought Reasoning
D Paul, R West, A Bosselut, B Faltings
arXiv preprint arXiv:2402.13950, 2024
Class incremental learning for intent classification with limited or no old data
D Paul, D Sorokin, J Gaspers
EMNLP 2022 Workshop on Ever Evolving NLP, 2022
{\delta}-CAUSAL: Exploring Defeasibility in Causal Reasoning
S Cui, L Milikic, Y Feng, M Ismayilzada, D Paul, A Bosselut, B Faltings
ACL Findings 2024, 2024
Could ChatGPT be an Engineer? Evaluating Higher Education Vulnerability to AI Assistants
B Borges, N Foroutan, D Bayazit, S Montariol, M Banaei, A Sakhaeirad, ...
AI for Education: Bridging Innovation and Responsibility at the 38th AAAI …, 2024
Social Commonsense Reasoning with Structured Knowledge in Text
D Paul
https://archiv.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/volltextserver/34390/1/MY_PhD_THESIS.pdf, 2024
Multitasking Learning With Unreliable Labels
D Paul
Saarland University, 2017
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