Angela Durante
Angela Durante
Universidad de La Rioja- Logroño- Spain
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Anxiety, sleep disorders and self‐efficacy among nurses during COVID‐19 pandemic: A large cross‐sectional study
V Simonetti, A Durante, R Ambrosca, P Arcadi, G Graziano, G Pucciarelli, ...
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Nursing during the COVID‐19 outbreak: A phenomenological study
P Arcadi, V Simonetti, R Ambrosca, G Cicolini, S Simeone, G Pucciarelli, ...
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Characteristics of joint displays illustrating data integration in mixed‐methods nursing studies
A Younas, M Pedersen, A Durante
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Psychometrics evaluation of the Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support (MSPSS) in people with chronic disease
M De Maria, E Vellone, A Durante, V Biagioli, M Matarese
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Determinants of caregiver burden in heart failure: does caregiver contribution to heart failure patient self-care increase caregiver burden?
A Durante, A Greco, AM Annoni, P Steca, R Alvaro, E Vellone
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Caregiver contribution to self-care in patients with heart failure: a qualitative descriptive study
A Durante, M Paturzo, A Mottola, R Alvaro, VV Dickson, E Vellone
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The influence of caregiver preparedness on caregiver contributions to self-care in heart failure and the mediating role of caregiver confidence
E Vellone, V Biagioli, A Durante, HG Buck, P Iovino, M Tomietto, ...
Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing 35 (3), 243-252, 2020
The association between mutuality, anxiety, and depression in heart failure patient-caregiver dyads: An actor-partner interdependence model analysis
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Influence of preparedness on anxiety, depression, and quality of life in caregivers of heart failure patients: testing a model of path analysis
A Petruzzo, V Biagioli, A Durante, LE Gialloreti, F D’Agostino, R Alvaro, ...
Patient Education and Counseling 102 (5), 1021-1028, 2019
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Revista Clínica Española (English Edition) 219 (7), 351-359, 2019
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Providing English and native language quotes in qualitative research: A call to action
A Younas, S Fàbregues, A Durante, P Ali
Nursing Open 9 (1), 168-174, 2022
Informal caregivers of people with heart failure and resilience: A convergent mixed methods study
A Durante, Y Ahtisham, A Cuoco, J Boyne, B Brawner, R Juarez‐Vela, ...
Journal of Advanced Nursing 78 (1), 264-275, 2022
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R Juárez-Vela, Á Durante, B Pellicer-García, A Cardoso-Muñoz, ...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17 (19), 7042, 2020
Transcultural adaptation and theoretical models of validation of the spanish version of the self-care of heart failure index version 6.2 (schfi v. 6.2)
R Juárez-Vela, A Durante, R Antonio-Oriola, V Gea-Caballero, M Czapla, ...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18 (2), 569, 2021
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R Juarez-Vela, M Chung, A Durante, VA Gea-Caballero, ...
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Spanish Version of the Caregiver Contribution to Self-Care of Heart Failure Index (CC-SCHFI): A Psychometric Evaluation
R Antonio-Oriola, E Vellone, A Durante, M De Maria, M Di Nitto, ...
Journal of Personalized Medicine 12 (4), 625, 2022
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